Saturday, 12 January 2013

What Has Made Me Cheerful This Week?

The first #R2BC of the year for me.  I hope to be able to write lots of these positive posts throughout the course of 2013 and join in the linky with Michelle at Mummy from the Heart, all round fantastic blogger and Reasons to be Cheerful founder and host.
The months of January and February are probably the hardest time of year to try and find positives.  Days are long, dark and cold.  It is harder to get out and about with the kids.  Even harder when you are trying to find indoor activities that are suitable for a lively 2 year old and a disabled 9 year old.
Work places seem to become more stressed and cash flow tight (isn't every ones?) in these months, which add pressure to home life.  Balancing and juggling become the order of the day.  Money, time, patience levels.
But all these things make it all the more important to spend five minutes finding some positives out of the week.  To help lift the spirits and see that in actual fact although it may not feel like it, progress has been made.
So, for the first of many for 2013, here are this weeks Reasons to be Cheerful :
* The flu virus I have been suffering with for almost a whole month finally seems to have left the building.  Although I still have a bit of a cold and the last of the sinus infection I have more energy.  Which has come in handy as school started back this week.
* We have been on time for school everyday this week and not forgot anything requiring further trips back and forth, one goal started to be achieved!
* We seem to have fallen straight into a good routine, both getting up in the morning and after school.  It feels nice to have some routine back.
* The book I (and other fellow bloggers contributed to) #100 Little Words has come out on Kindle.  I felt quite choked up showing my mum my words on her Kindle.
* I have to start researching for a Freelance Writing Course I am undertaking at the end of the month.  I am doing this course with one of my oldest school friends, who I haven't seen for 10 years, double excitement.
* The Hubby and I have barely seen each other this week so we have a lovely family time weekend planned, with a few home DIY activities.  We have decided although we can not afford to do much at the moment with our holiday coming up, we can do some de-cluttering and jobs 'we keep meaning to do' and start gathering ideas for a bit of home improvement.  We have a beautiful house and are not making the most of it's potential.
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  1. Wonderful reasons to be cheerful. :)

  2. Lovely - hope you are all having a lovely weekend. Your freelance writing course sounds very interesting - I hope you blog more on the details of it. :o).

  3. so glad you are feeling better and settling back into the routine of things. xxx


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