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#CCPW : Cervical Cancer - Facts (via Cancer Research UK)

All of the information that follows (and more) can be found on Cancer Research UK 'CancerStats Key Facts - Cervical cancer Fact Sheet' - this is FREE to download.

How common is cervical cancer in the UK?

- In the UK in 2010, there were around 2900 new cases of cervical cancer diagnosed (approx. 8 women daily)

- Cervical cancer is the twelfth most common cancer in women in the UK

- It is the third most common gynaecological cancer in women in the UK (after uterus (womb) and ovary) but the most common in women under the age of 35

- Around 1700 cases diagnosed are in women under the age of 50 (approx 6 in 10 of all new cases)

- Cervical cancer incidence in the UK decreased by nearly half between the late 1980's until the early 2000's, but the last decade has seen an increase of around 15% - mostly in women in their late 20's.

How many people survive cervical cancer?

- Two thirds of women survive their disease for five years or more

- Survival is higher in women diagnosed at a younger age.  Women under 40 years of age have survival rates of almost 90%

What causes cervical cancer?

- Infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV) is the main risk factor.  It is a necessary cause of cervical cancer

- Women with HIV/AIDS are at increased risk

- Women with a mother or sister who has had cervical cancer are at increased risk

- Smoking increases the risk

- Long term use of the oral contraceptive pill also increases the risk

Screening and Vaccination

- The Department of Health set up the NHS Cervical Screening Programme in 1988

- Screening can prevent around 45% of cases in women in their 30s.  This rises to 75% in women in their 50s / 60s who attend regular checks

- The HPV vaccination in schools was introduced into the National Immunisation Programme in 2008 for girls aged 12-13.

All information regarding stats can be accessed on Cancer Research UK CancerStats website : or by emailing

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  1. Great post - I actually never realised that the stats are this high - and I'm remembering what happened to poor Jade Goody and her sudden decline....


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