Sunday, 20 January 2013

#CCPW Cervical Cancer Prevention Week Has Arrived (20-26 January)

Many of you will be aware that this week I am dedicating the content of my blog to raising awareness for Cervical Cancer.

Blog posts on Lynsey The Mother Duck for this week aim to encourage women to have a cervical screening; to share experiences of women that have been touched by Cervical Cancer; to promote the facts (information from Cancer Research UK) about Cervical Cancer.

As I have gone about collecting information for this week, I have been amazed, stunned and saddened by the amount of people who have contacted me with gestures and words of support because they have had a personal experience, be it themselves or a loved one of this disease.

I say the same thing to them all.  If just one women gets herself screened - that perhaps would not have done - it will all be worth it.

Please read the posts of the women who have been brave to share very personal experiences and feel the emotion for them that I did.  Read the information about signs to look out for and make yourself aware.

Cervical Cancer can be detected early by that one quick screening.

Will you be that one women that makes our week?

Lynsey The Mother Duck would like to thank the following people for their contributions to the blog this week :

* GRACE Charity
* Jo's Trust Charity
* Cancer Research UK
* Mary Lewis
* Cathy Glynn
* Naomi Willmott (Jo's Trust)

Image : Grace Charity 1109997                    Image : Jo's Trust 1133542

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  1. Great initiative, Lynsey, and one that I'm sure many people will support. As you say, this touches so many people's lives. I keep thinking of Jade Goody. I wasn't a fan of hers, but she was a mum of two young boys, and whatever the world may have thought of her, she cared deeply for them and didn't want to leave them. I believe that after she died, the take-up of screening increased dramatically, so all publicity has to be good publicity when it comes to this awful disease. Good luck. Polly x


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