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Who The Quack Is Lynsey The Mother Duck?
First and foremost she is a very proud, stay-at-home mum to two handsome boys.  This means she is tired and exasperated most of the time, but still wouldn't change life for the world.  Well actually she would, she would have the funds to hire an ironing lady but we won't open that can of worms.
Prior to having her second Duckling in March 2010, Lynsey The Mother Duck was a Head of Department for an Corporate Interior Fit Out company in London.  This was where she met her husband, who popped the question also in March 2010.  They waddled up the aisle in March 2011.
However, since she has been afforded the luxury (yes, it is the hardest work she has ever undertaken but never forgets, many do not get the opportunity to be stay-at-home parents nowadays) of not having to go and work in the 'The Big Smoke', she decided this was her opportunity to start quacking the thoughts out of her head onto paper - well plasma screen.
Having always claimed that it if asked the 64 thousand dollar question : 'What would be your dream job?'  The reply would be to be a writer - in particular, fiction author, she decided that at 30 now would be the time to start working on making that dream a reality.  The Duck isn't getting any younger.  Or anymore patient.
At the same time, when the Duck entered her 30's with a husband and two children in-situ, she started to think about ensuring that the Ducklings would have a good record of their childhood.  She then discovered an ingenious way of combining this desire with the passion for writing again.  Blogging.
Thus, Lynsey The Mother Duck was born.
Blog posts range from memory recordings for the Ducklings and posing her own quacking thoughts on motherhood, but one of the most important parts of the blog is to write a section called 'The Disability Diaries'. 

The Mother Ducks eldest Duckling has severe physical disabilities thanks to the condition Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy (yep it is a cracker).  In order to try and raise awareness of the difficulties of simple every day life for those with, caring for, and living with loved ones with disabilities, she writes frank, honest and raw detail about the way life changed and continues to change.
If none of the above interests you here are some random facts about Lynsey The Mother Duck :
1. In August 2003 she had just landed in Toronto, Canada when the black out hit.  Everything shut.  Everything apart from boat trips that is.  Not great considering she was pregnant and nauseous.  On her day stop over to Ontario to see Niagara Falls they had 'switched it off.'  Yes, that is right - Switched.  Niagara.  Falls.  Off.  So she is one of the only people to have seen the rock formations under the water and not been covered in the falls mist.  She is yet to return to rectify the situation.
2. She has an original 'Tinkerbell' artwork frame from the Disney Animator that gifted it to Margaret Kerry - the model Tinkerbell was based upon.  Her husband charmed his way into buying it after sending her a photograph of the youngest Duckling dressed as a Pumpkin at Halloween.
3. She has over 50 collectible Barbies.  No, not sad.  RETRO.
4. She can survive on a surprisingly small amount of sleep.  Even though it goes against every grain of her genetic code.  Her left eyebrow rises to a particularly high level when sleep stocks have been low - people should see this as a warning.
5. She ran and completed the London Marathon in April 2006, raising £2,500 for Scope (see above and put two and two together...)
If you have any questions, or would just like to get in touch to find out if the eye brow is up please email her at : lynseythemotherduck@gmail.com.

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