Thursday, 31 January 2013

What Has Made Me Cheerful This Week? #R2BC

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

What has made me cheerful this week - a great question.  The answer - quite alot.  I am linking up with Michelle at Mummy from the Heart and other bloggers who take some time throughout the week, no matter how good or bad, to find 'Reasons to be Cheerful'.
Here are mine, once you have read these, give some thought to your own week, even if you do not write it down the exercise will leave you feeling better than when you started.
* Cervical Cancer Prevention Week (#CCPW) was a huge success.  I had a lot of positive feedback and fabulous tweeters on Twitter really helped spread the word.  The really great news was several women messaged me to say that they had made a point of booking their screening.  My stand throughout the whole thing was if just one women did this it was all worth it, so you can imagine 'women' in the multiple sense was thrilling.  It was great to see such good national coverage on the campaign too.
* I spent the weekend with one of my oldest, dearest, best friends who I have not seen in person for ten years.  We lost touch a few years back, when life goes in different directions as it does but have been in touch virtually for over a year now.  We finally got our calendars together for a writing course we both really wanted to attend and made the whole weekend of it.  From the minute we met up on Friday evening we picked up where we had left off (but in nicer cars and houses) - and they say that is the sign of true friendship.
* I attended the Mumsnet hosted 'Starting out as a Freelance Writer' course at the weekend (tutor : Joanna Moorhead).  It was a wonderful insight into the world of feature writing.  Joanna broke down the myth and maze of getting ideas to relevant platforms. As well as being a great course, their was varied mix of women and it was so beneficial to have all of those minds joining in discussions and pitch practise.  I learnt an awful lot and feel very confident that this is the right direction of career for me now. 
* My services in Social Media have been procured for some actual paid work.  It isn't too much to take on at the moment as J2 is still at home full time but enough for me to get into the routine of fitting work into my routine.
* I chucked my name in the hat for a writing competition run by The Readers Digest this week.  I thought 'Got to be in it to win it' so overcome my 'I am not good enough fear' and gave it a whirl.  I am going to do this more frequently, thanks to the fantastic supplement that came with Writers Magazine a few months ago.
* The adaptions on J1's car that have been misbehaving were finally remedied this week.  It has taken four months, due to a 'delivery address' misunderstanding but it is now all working as it should be.
* We got confirmation this week that J1's bike has been ordered.  I think I can hear the 'tap tap tink' of it being built in Holland as I type.  This means we will certainly have it for when the warmer weather decides to grace us with it's presence.
I did warn you I had a lot of harp on about this week - but I thank my lucky stars I can, not all weeks are so positive and proactive so I like to make the most of the ones that are.


  1. Very impressed with all the writing courses you have been taking (and great that you have your husband's support too) - they sound very interesting, especially the features writing course. I've been meaning to take out a subscription to Writers Magazine myself! :o). X.

    1. I love my writers magazine! It's a lovely surprise each month when it lands on the doorstep. The course was great would highly recommend.

  2. Wow! That is a great deal to be cheerful about and proud of! Well done Lynsey, you're an inspiration X

    1. Thank you - now feel this month should be as productive as the last hmmmm tough feat but I like a challenge lol.

  3. Sounds like a wonderfully positive week! x

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! I don't normally have quite that much going on - although I did enjoy it!


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