Thursday, 29 September 2011

Heady Days of a Late Summer (Thankful / Thoughtful Thursday)

When you do scheduled posts, it makes you very aware of how quickly the week goes by.  A bit like when your child starts school and you start living in the world of 9am - 3pm, or you work in a routine Monday to Friday job.

I remember standing on a single bed and whining when I was very young at how slow the year went (probably waiting for a birthday or Christmas) and my mum saying to me 'appreciate that feeling because when you get older it all goes past far too quickly'.  She was 34, I remember that specifically for no real reason maybe she said so, but she was not much different to where I am now must have had the realisation that life is short.

Seasons that once seemed to stretch, summer, long, warm and tiring, winter cold, dark but enchanting, autumn chilly and exciting with the start of lots of new things and spring full of prospect that summer was approaching now seem to fly by in a whirl of school terms, childrens' activities, anniversaries, birthdays, special events, bookings, appointments and pay days.

Nowadays it seems before I have finally found all of the Christmas decorations (I never remember putting as many out as I find to put away...) and packed them away in their home in the loft, I have got lists of 'ideas' for the kids on the go for the next festive season.  And birthdays, well this year I told everyone I was a year older than I was, because I have given up attempting to keep track they come around so quickly.

But this week, we have been blessed by Mother Nature with the delusion of gaining some time.  The weather here in Blighty has been positively barmy over the last few days and it has felt like we were back in June.  My mum and I decided that we call these types of days 'bonus days' and I feel very lucky to live by the coast at times like these because you can drop what you are doing and go and really enjoy it.

For any of you following my 'The Run Mummy Run Mumma' blog you will know that I chose yesterday as the day I started running again.  And I could not have chosen a better day.  It was a perfect run and gave me a whole load of extra inspiration as to why I wanted to do it again.  The sky was blue, the sun was beaming, the sea was sparkling and gently lapping and a light breeze flowed over me.  But of course the thing I was most thankful for was just the basic ability to be able to run and experience all of that.

So thank you to Nature for the extra 'bonus' summer days that has given, everyone it seems, a little extra bit of joy.

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  1. I wish time would go by slower. It seems like the older I get the faster it goes. Except for when I'm at work and want it to hurry.

  2. I know just what you mean. Each week I can't believe it's Thoughtful Thursday again!

  3. Love the picture. Found your blog via the mommy blogs. 11 yr old identical twins (boys) were a perfect full term pregnancy but suffered birth trauma and are both MR (Mentally retarded) I blog about homeschooling them and would love for you to stop by and meet us (and their three sisters, and the backyard chickens!) I am thankful to you for wanting to raise awareness!


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