Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Soundtrack of my Life (Tuesday Twist)

So, according to my hubby I have been living in the dark ages and only just started using 'You Tube' and now I have, for finding old favourite songs I am finding it a little addictive.  However, the other day I thought about 10 songs that would represent my life so far and this is what I came up with :

1. Baz Luhrmann Sunscreen - This would be 'the soundtrack to my life', without a shadow of a doubt and I bow down in awe of Mary Schmich, the Chicago Tribune columnist who penned the famous essay the words are taken from.  I love the words, absolutely love it.  Not only did I love the song when it originally came out (and yes I had it on CASSETTE SINGLE - had to rewind it everytime I wanted to replay - yep with an actual rewind button and listen to it screeching back to the start) but I love it again now via the 'in-ter-net'.

2. Seal - Kiss from a Rose - I was lucky enough to go to Florida on holiday in my teens and we went to an idyllic place called Long Boat Key, I fell asleep one afternoon in the barmy Floridian sun and when I woke up this song was gently piping out and I remember thinking that I would never be that relaxed and chilled out again - I was right.

3. Alison Limerick - Where Loves Lives - This is the song that reminds me of my first nights out 'clubbing' with my best friend AC at the local Dis-Co-Tec.  In those good old days, If we got there before 10.30pm we would get in for free and tenner would be enough money to cover our drinks for the rest of the evening and cab home at the end of the night.  Kids wouldn't believe you now days!

4. Rosie Gaines - Closer than Close - First holiday abroad with Friends.  Enough said.

5. The Foundations - Build Me Up Buttercup - So, aforementioned best friend AC and I go to the Clubbing Capital of the Med (yep Ibiza) and we hit all the big trendy clubs and somehow our song of the holiday that we come away with is... Build Me Up Buttercup - what the ??????

6. Moloko - Sing it Back - The song that was playing in the Operating Theatre when J1 was born in 2003.  Will never forget my mum nervously bouncing away to it saying, in a more high pitched tone than was her norm 'Ohhh I really like this song'.

7. Tinie Tempah - Pass Out - The song that was number 1 when J2 was born in 2010.  This was when I also realised I could easily lurrrrve TT.

8. Shane Ward - Breathless - Our wedding First Dance, ahhhhhh (mine and my hubby's - not mine and TT by the way)

9. The Marvelettes - When Your Young and In Love - The song that really reminds me of our wedding when I hear it!  None of the special meaningful ones we spent months picking out, nope a random that was played at the evening reception - whenever I hear it, brings it all back, every last fantastic second!

10. Natalia Kills Feat. Will.I.Am - I'm Free - The song that brings screaming fits to a halt, whining to a stop and smiles on my boys faces.  Thank god for this song.  Even though I have heard it so many times I think my ears might bleed.

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