Friday, 9 September 2011

'I Am Mum' (Family Friday)

This blog is dedicated to 'Mum's & Sons'.  I am not arrogant enough to call what is to follow a poem.  A poem is elegant and well, a little more eloquent also than what I have written, but this is more I would say, an Ode maybe... anyway, whatever it is or isn't, this is for my boys.

I Am Mum

I am the one
Who carried you safe
Until you were born
My scrappy little waif

I nestled you close
To keep you warm
And gave you your bottles
In the wee hours of morn

I deal with your tantrums
And laugh at your jokes
I make you your breakfast
Of runny egg yolks

I am the skin
You nuzzle when ill
I am blamed
For your god damn strong will

I am the one
Who kisses grazed knees
I am the one
Who's relentlessly teased

I'll give you thread
To mend a broken heart
If you take the blame
If in public I fart

I'll watch you leave
To do what you do
Be it bus driver, Teacher
Or Keeper of Zoo

To marry and love
Or whatever you choose
My hope is your spirit
You will never lose

Of you I'll be proud
Always, My Son
Because my sweet boy
I Am Mum

For J1 and J2.xxxxx

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