Saturday, 10 September 2011

A Holiday, A Caravan, A Predicted Hurricane (well remnants of...) - Oh typical!

Our family hasn't done much holiday wise this year due to having a [fabulous] wedding in March and trying to sort out space issues in our house and making the garden usable (back) and pretty (front).  

However, we did decide to keep to our annual mid-week break to a Horse Racing festival (J1 loves it, the horses are big enough for him to see, and the excitement of the races and everyone cheering very much pleases him plus it gives me 5 days of remembering my childhood caravan holidays!)

As noted in the post 'Holidays - The Military Operation' any break away requires much precision planning and effort so to actually get to the holiday in question, I believe, always feels much more appreciated when you have children (or have had to save really really hard for it of course).  But in that, comes the overwhelming need for it to be perfect

The biggest issue with a UK holiday is of course 'The Weather'.  As mentioned in many of my blogs the British weather is the most unpredictable thing on the planet and although in your heart you know that days out will be blighted by rain, special plans will be thwarted by snow and holidays planned in a caravan will come with a 'Hurricane Warning' - WHAT THE beep beep beep!!?

Yes, I have just watched the weather report and we currently have a 'Severe Weather Warning' for wind and persistent rain, courtesy of Hurricane Katia.  I am sorry Katia, did you not just hear me saying we were going to spend the week in a Caravan?!

Now I don't like to moan but, COME ON!  One week is all I ask for, actually not even a whole week, five short days for me and my family to enjoy a change of scenery and a bit of fun.  We are going to be spending the majority of our week on an open plain, open air racecourse, persistent rain and gale force winds are just not ideal.

So herein lies the point of this post, a little hands clasped together, look to the sky to the Gods of Weather plead, 'Let the weather reporters be wrong'!

And if they are not... wish us luck!


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  2. Sending you sunshine! Have a lovely time.

    PS.Have added you to my blog reading list on blogger.


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