Thursday, 8 September 2011

It's a basic one - Laughter (Thankful Thursday)

My son, J2, has recently discovered the childrens programme 'Teletubbies' and it's taken a couple of episodes to get him used to the format but now, he hears that little giggle come from the baby in the sun and he scrambles as fast as his chubby little legs can carry him to sit in his highchair.  But today, as I was tidying in the room across the hall, I could hear uncontrollable laughter, that beautiful, heartwarming, makes a smile spread across your face no matter what you are doing, from the bottom of his belly, hearty and true laugh.

And it was the most beautiful sound in the world.

So today I am thankful that J2 had made a mess in the room across the hall, which meant that I was within earshot to hear that wonderful sound of his laughter.  And I suppose I am also thankful for the Teletubbies.  Which to be honest I didn't think I would EVER say!  

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