Friday, 18 January 2013

What Has Made Me Cheerful This Week?

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
With predictions of an 'Arctic Drift' all over the news channels I am grateful that I can write this blog post from the comfort of a warm home.  That we have wardrobes full of warm clothes and cupboards stocked with food and drink.  I pray that those that do not have such luxuries, can find shelter and be safe.  I take my hat off, to those that volunteer their time and effort to making that a possibility.
I find at this time of year I often think of how I can help homeless charities.  When the bitter winds blow and it becomes even more apparent that we are so very fortunate in many ways.  Then I feel a tug of all charities.  They are all so worthwhile and all trying to raise funds to help fantastic causes - that ultimately are all as important as each other.
Then I realise that you can only do so much, and in the end you generally opt for the ones that are close to your heart due to personal experience.  You become even more grateful to them because you can relate.
Most of my readers know that I aim to help disability charities, with particular interest in specific Cerebral Palsy ones, as my eldest son, J1, has CP himself.  I have a special interest in supporting Great Ormond Street Hospital, because not only was my late, beautiful cousin Lesley treated there, but many of J1's friends from school also receive help from them. 
What I revealed recently is that I also support gynaecological cancer charity GRACE after my own abnormal cells scare when I was younger.  It is this last one that will be the focus of my blog for the next week. 
It is Cervical Cancer Prevention Week (20 - 26 January) and I am cheerful because I have been able to pull together a great set of blog posts to raise awareness for this very preventable disease.
My one ask of anyone who regularly reads my blog, or who has just stumbled across it, is if you haven't been for a cervical screening recently, book it and go.  If you have, encourage your friends and family to do the same. 
Cervical Screening picked up my CIN3 abnormal cell changes just in time and I was able to have the treatment to remove them.  That five minute appointment saved me from cycles of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and operations.
That is a good enough reason to pick out to be cheerful any day of the week, not just this one.
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  1. Such a meaningful post.
    Well done you!

  2. That's a great post, and I am in awe of your energy and the way you find the time to do so many worthwhile things in support of charity! X.

  3. Thank you for the reminder re the screening. I never get around to making the appointment. Last time I went, my gynie also recommended a check for bowel cancer (I am over 40!). Time to book for both me thinks! It is always hard to chose a charity, therefore I always go what is closest to my heart as well... which is autism.

  4. I've never seen going for screening as a reason to be cheerful (I dread them and was in tears at my last one) but I can see how you would be very cheerful after what you went through. I'm also amazed you have the time and energy for all you do. I'm in the process of finding myself some volunteer work and seem naturally drawn to children's charities. You are right, we can only do so much.

  5. Sounds like you are doing some excellent work for these charities, well done. Sorry I am so late catching up. Mich x


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