Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A B C of my Life

Link up ABC of Life as requested by a fellow blogger!

The aim of the game, relate the A-Z back to you and your life.  Can't be that hard surely?  Try it and see!

Lynsey The Mother Duck ABC of Life

A - Both boys middle names beginning with the letter A.

B - Baths - something I used to have time for BC (before children).

C - Cars - Toy ones, house full of them.

D - Duck ; Lynsey The Mother of course!

E - Example (The Musician) 'Stay Awake' currently a family agreed favourite song.

F - Farts, living in a house with all boys much of this takes place and I fear it is only going to get worse as they get older...

G - George from Peppa Pig - much preferred to that annoying little tell-tale Peppa.  Plus we have a very cute talking George (well it says 'Dine-saw')

H - Home, I love ours.

I - Italy, where hubby and I went on honeymoon - loved it there.

J - Both boys first names start with J.  Hence J1 and J2 in blogs.

K - Kiss, something that both boys are very tight with!

L - Lynsey (without a 'D' that is correct, I know confusing).

M - Mum, couldn't live without the unconditional amount of help she gives me.

N - "No" - word used in copious amounts in our house.

O - 'O' said in Welsh accent, from one of mine and J1's favourite TV shows!

P - "Pardon" something I am constantly trying to get the boys to say after they have 'F' yep, 'Farted'.

Q - Queues, something I dread if J2 is with me as at some point he lets rip one of his blood curling screams.

R - Royal's - loving the new generation of 'Kate's' and 'Zara's' - go girls!

S - Sleep is something I miss.  Dearly.

T - Tired (see S for sleep and you'll know why this one is in there...)

U - Ultrasounds - I had 16 in total throughout my second pregnancy. 

V - Video's, well Music Video's bit of a lifesaver as they entertain the kids instantly. 

W - Wellies, just bought J2 his first pair and he looks edible in them.

X - X is what I will be using to strike off the days to the count down for Disney World when we book it.

Y - You Tube (see 'V' videos).

Z - Zoo, we live near one so have been discussing the pro's and con's of forking out for annual passes.

Link up here :

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  1. Disney World check off list that what we used to do lol ... I love George over Peppa pig to and I have 2 people in this house that fart a whole load aswell !

    Thanx for linking up huni x x x


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