Friday, 16 November 2012

What Has Made Me Cheerful This Week?

It has been a bit of a mixed bag this week.  Not so much for me, but for those around me.  I really hope that my friends and family who have encountered sadness, loss and change within life find strength within the dark times. 

This has made me even more aware of the importance of finding the positives in your life and with this in mind here are my

* I should have attended Mumsnet Blogfest on Saturday.  I had purchased my ticket, arranged to see blogging friends made at Britmums Live in June and had stocked my blog-card holder.  However, National Rail thought it was acceptable for my already lengthy train journey into London, to be doubled due to multiple 'engineering works'.  I did not find the idea of having to leave my house at 4.45am and not return until approximately 11pm that night appealing and neither did my Husband think it would be safe.  So I had to forfeit my much looked forward to trip. 

What is there to be cheerful about that?  Well of course I do wish I could have found alternate transport, or had the money for a hotel so I could have stayed in the city the night before but my time wasn't wasted.  I started a long overdue 'House De-clutter' project.  So far living room and kitchen are complete.  Quite a lot more to do but I do keep looking around the living room and smiling.

* Further to Operation De-clutter above I also created a 'writing space'.  We have a fabulous little nook on our landing that is overlooked by the window.  It was screaming out for a desk so I could write, in good light with a lovely view of the farmers fields.  I kept saying I wanted an antique desk and a Tiffany style lamp.  Then it dawned on me, I already have a lovely desk.  Well it is a bureau that the Hubby procured for me when we moved.  It wasn't being utilised for writing where it was, so with some minimal changes it has been re-situated in the nook.  Just got to find a lovely Tiffany lamp to adorn it with now.

* Something happened this week, that although I can not go into details of, made me really appreciate my Husband.

* I got to go Wedding Dress shopping.  Not for me of course (although I would have happily tried on every dress in the shop) but for one of my oldest friends.  Watching her try on dresses brought a tear to my eye and in the end the dress picked her.  She is going to look stunning and I am very much looking forward to hearing about the planning and preparation and trying to help make it the best experience ever for both the Bride and Groom.

* I have taken steps to find my running mojo, which has been lost since my BUPA Great South Run Race.  The cold, dark, lonely nights are not inspiring to go out running in.  Through the web page for the local Half Marathon I am entered into in March, I have found some other people who are also looking for company whilst running and have been advised of a running group that is actually quite local to me.  I get the feeling I will not only find company but inspiration too.

So that is it for my week.  For more positive inspiration head over to Michelle at Mummy from the Heart for the 'Reasons to be Cheerful' #R2BC blog hop and find other cheery souls. 


  1. sorry you didn't make it to the blogfest, is so nice to de-clutter, I bet is nice to have a nice writing space, running in a group sounds great, much safer as well xx

  2. Ahh shame about Blogfest but your writing corner sounds beautiful, I am picturing those fields now. Enjoy the weekend. Mich x

  3. Lovely reasons - it's a shame you didn't make it to the Blogfest, but it's great that you spent your time de-cluttering! I'm trying to start running, but I'm finding it very hard at this time of year.

  4. It was such a shame about Blogfest - but love the sound of your writing nook - I would love something like that - a little desk with a lamp - a space of my own! Also great to hear that you have found some running buddies! :o).

  5. Your writing desk sounds fabulous. I hope having a space of your own continues to encourage you. Shame about Britmums. Rail works can be the pits! x

  6. Thanks for sharing this. It is a reminder to me to also think about my reasons to be cheerful. Well done for entering a half marathon. My husband is a runner.... I am the couch potato! :)


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