Thursday, 8 November 2012

What Has Made Me Cheerful This Week?

The time of the week for thinking about Reasons to be Cheerful with Mummy from the Heart is once again with us.  I am still minus my own laptop but thankfully have managed to procure a loaner for a couple of days so that is an instant #R2BC!

It has been surprising at how much not being able to write has frustrated me.  Not in the lack of time, I am used to that and know that as the children get older time will become available, but in the event I would have been able to sit down at the laptop and not being able to.

Anyway, I do have the power to 'power up' right now so am getting as much writing done as possible.  I am putting together posts in the hope of being able to get them scheduled to publish.  So on with my :

* I got to spend quality time with my 18 month old nephew and then had a family filled Saturday.  Even my older nephew came to visit with his 'girlfriend' - this makes me feel very old, but she was lovely and what was even more lovely - he didn't change one single bit around her.

* On Saturday night, The Hubby, The Kids and I all got dressed up for Halloween and went to our friends party.  I was so pleased with all of our costumes and I forgot how much fun it was to get dressed up all silly for a night out.  Plus I loved my wig!

* On Sunday we asked J1 what he would like to do as a birthday treat and he picked Ten Pin Bowling.  This is an activity that we can all enjoy so it was lovely to make an afternoon of it. 

* On Monday my mum babysat J2 so that I could go and see to of my beautiful pregnant girlfriends whom I used to work with.  It has been far to long since our last catch up and they both looked stunning.

* On Tuesday we celebrated J1 turning nine years old.  He was unfortunately a little under the weather so couldn't go to school but we spent the day at home snuggling and reading his new books. 

* I am hoping to be able to go and visit one of my friends that has recently had their baby on Friday.  I am a little wary that as the boys have been poorly I might be due a dose, but fingers crossed I will be well enough.

* I am also hoping the same thing for Saturday because I am off to Mumsnet Blogfest I am super excited about this having enjoyed Britmums Live earlier this year.  I am really looking forward to seeing the fabulous girls and fellow bloggers I met in June that are also attending; Older Mum in a Muddle; Single, Older Mum and Mush Brain Ramblings.

With the conclusion of my positives for the week please head over and check out other cheery souls at Mummy from the Heart.


  1. Amazing reasons - it sounds like J1 enjoyed the birthday even though he was a bit poorly. I hope your immune system keeps up until the weekend, at least! :) Have a great week.

    1. Thank you! I think he enjoyed his birthday treats, he seemed to love the bowling at the weekend.x

  2. The halloween party sounds fab, glad your son had a lovely birthday, bowling is such good fun xx

  3. Fab reasons... Sounds like you had a very busy week.. X

  4. Where re the photos of the silly dance dress? Sounds fun! I'm off to blogfest too - with a little trepidation....see you then :)

  5. Such a detailed post as always. Dressing up and the wig sounds a blast. You seem to have such a good balance of your time, family time and friendship time. I really admire you for pulling that off.

  6. Yet again, a lot of great reasons for you to feel positive! I saw your costumes on Facebook - you all looked fab. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. Ps. Thank you so much for putting the One Week badge on your blog - that was a lovely surprise! X. (pps. it finishes on 16th ;o) ).

  7. All lovely reasons! Hope you get to meet the baby x


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