Saturday, 28 April 2012

What Has Made Me Cheerful This Week?

I always find it strange, how some weeks when you think you are not going to have any time to do anything, you find yourself fitting in copious amounts.  I guess when you have a lot on, you are more on the ball and punchy.  I find my old 'work self' coming back into it's own and life takes on much more structure. 

So despite thinking that I would be lost in a world of bubble wrap, boxes and brown tape this week, things have actually been rather exciting.  So here are my 'Reasons to be Cheerful' for this week :

* I started running again and it felt amazing.  I also worked out a schedule whereby I can actually fit training in.

* In addition to this, on days where running has been 'rained off' I have undertaken an exercise DVD both Fitness and Yoga.

* I signed up for several 5 - 10K races as incentives on days I might not feel like running.

* I have found a friend that is inclined to sign up for the 2013 Virgin London Marathon with me when Charity places become available.

* I have managed to write almost everyday on my blog, and for that I am really seeing an improvement on traffic.  I am so amazed, viewing figures this month are double anything I have ever had in the past and this makes it all worth while.

* I had such a great response to the very personal blog post 'Dark Days' I have decided to make it into a short series of posts. 

* I found some time (while J2 was taking an unusual daytime nap) to start some character building work for my book idea.

* Packing has continued and to date I have only broken one cup!

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  1. Great reasons to be cheerful, you sound very motivated, well done you!

  2. People say that exercising raising happiness levels and it sounds like it's working for you. You sound very motivated. Good luck with the races you've signed up for.

  3. Glad you had such a good week, and I only wish I could be so disciplined about the running!

  4. Super to have you join in, yes I often find when I am busiest that I get the most done.

    Well done on all that exercise. Mich x

  5. This is great ... your positivity is infectious. I've started exercising a bit more again, and it does really make a difference. Great that your traffic has increased.


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