Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Dear Boys - Letter of Life 4

Dearest J1 and J2

Spring 2012

I believe last time I wrote you a letter, we were just about to move.  Well low and behold, we are just about to move again.  So for a second time, I apologise for the 'crazy packing boxes' mummy you have had to endure for the last few weeks, but the move this time, we are sure will be the right one for us.  Either way, I'm not moving again so it's going to have to be! 

That aside, 2012 is now a quarter past and what a busy and amazing time it has been.  You two fantastic boys have developed massively in the last four months and that is note-worthy just in itself.

So in the true keeping of one of the founding reasons that this blog was born, here is a summary of why you boys never fail to blow me away and make me the proudest mum in the world.

* I am truly thankful for the way you are both becoming so clear and coherent in your speech.  J1, you are developing a real little independent sense of humour and your ability to drop one liners is becoming renowned.  J2, you have gone from odd little clear words to whole sentences in the matter of weeks and we are almost at the stage of having whole conversations.  I love nothing more than a chat with you two lads, snuggled on J1's bed during reading hour at bedtime.  It fills my heart that I can do this with both of you.  I am very lucky.

* Further to your chatting abilities J1, you are continuing to come on leaps and bounds at school.  You are learning letters and sounds and it makes my eyes fill when we sit each evening and do your 'homework'.  You are getting your sounds / letters / object identification correct - you excel my biggest hopes and dreams and you prove to me (in the words of Adidas) 'Impossible is Nothing'

* J2, you also are developing and growing both physically and in character.  Every week when I collect you from your one nursery session they say what a wonderful and lively little person you are turning into and that is certainly true.  Stubborn, of course - you are my child - but loving, funny, caring and energetic go hand in hand with that.

* Both of you continue to have a Peppa Pig obsession.  Yes, obsession.  Enough said on one.

* The anticipation of summer is starting to come alive now and I think we are going to have a really amazing one this year.  We are going to be living within a stones throw of the beach and the sea, what more could we ask for than that?

* In addition for the summer is that we have, this month, firmed up our 'Big Family Holiday' plans for July.  Not only are we going away with Nanny and Grandad this year, but also your Aunt and Uncle and two fantastic cousins are also joining us.  I can feel a lot of photographs being snapped for the memory book.

* Before the summer hits however, we have a very busy May.  The move is going to kickstart it, followed by a very important day for the family on the third, but that is a whole post to itself.  This month will also see Nanny and Grandad celebrating 40 years (yes 4-0) of marriage.  We are having a big Ruby Family Gathering, which is very exciting as some of the family will not have seen you both since the wedding last year.  I think they will also be amazed at how much you have both grown.

* Finally, one last and very special mention.  It is special because, for a good 14 months or so I did not think it would ever come... J2 you have finally... started to play on your own for a small period - thus allowing me to... do some ironing - woo hoo (cue fireworks, bangers and celebrations all round)!

So, my dear boys I look forward to the next four months.  I am wondering if they can possibly be as packed with changes from you both as these last few have been, but I have learnt - never say never. 

Love Always and Forever,


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