Monday, 9 April 2012

The First Quarter & The April Plan

I always remember my mum saying to me that as you get older, time goes faster.  Those six weeks holidays that stretched for miles as child, full of promise and playing anticipation now pass by in a flash, as my own children enjoy them.

Now we find ourselves in April.  A whole quarter of 2012 is now a bible of memories in our minds.  I have to say that on the whole the year has started off well for us and for that I am very thankful.  We have only had one event of sadness, when my Dear Uncle, decided he had had enough of being held hostage by Alzehimers and kissed us goodbye to go and be with our other loved ones in Heaven.

I started off the year with a list of 'Hopes and Aims' that I outlined in a post The 2012 Plan.  It was quite an extensive list and I did wonder if I had perhaps 'hoped' for a bit too much for one short year, however, I decided to break those things down into monthly aims and to date I haven't done too badly (various posts entitled The Plan - Month outlines individual progress).  Participating in the Groovy Mum initiative over at Kate on Thin Ice has helped massively with this as it has been great to have goal point to look to for getting those things done.

Now, having looked at what has been achieved already this year I am confident that, with good health continuing with everyone I will succeed in fulfilling my Hopes and Aims for 2012.  With this positively in mind I now don't feel so bad that March and April have been surrended to just one aim - to find a new house and move!  As we are hoping (everything crossed) that this will be completed by the beginning of May I am already thinking about which 'Goals' I will be looking to achieve in May and June.
So just for continuitities sake my Hopes and Aims for April are :

* For the house exchange to go ahead without any issues
* To pack up entire house without losing my marbles
* To move!

As always I am also continuing a good majority of all the 'Goals' achieved in the last quarter (I think the only *fail* has been getting to the Spa!  So technically I think I should do 2 sessions in the next quarter *wink*.
If you are making positive steps to make changes to your life, join in with the Groovy Mum's initiaitive over at Kate on Thin Ice, the support you will find is amazing and a great driving force on occasions you might not be feeling so positive.


  1. Good luck with the move! If you can survive that without losing your marbles, you can survive anything! Looking forward to hearing how it goes for you. Polly x

  2. Many thanks Polly! It is a mixture of excitement and dread at the huge packing deed that lays ahead!x

  3. I am truly enjoying your blog! I have now followed!

  4. House move...Oh goodness. Hope it goes well. You're getting good at this moving must be an old pro by now!


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