Sunday, 22 April 2012

What Has Made Me Cheerful This Week

It is the time of the week that I like to think about what has gone on over the last 7 days, and pick out just the best bits to record in our history.

So, for this (showery) week in April these are my Reasons to Be Cheerful :

1. I submitted my first article to SEN Magazine and had very encouraging feedback from the Ed

2. I joined the new Groovy Mum's Network

3. We got a good majority of the house packed up and our new home move date grows closer

4. The Hubby had two interviews for new roles

5. J1 returned to school happy and with a smile

6. J1 learnt 3 new letter / sounds (d / t / i)

7. J2 has started to really put coherent sentences together

8. Another new day view record was achieved on the blog

9. I managed to write a very difficult, personal blog post that I have been wanting to write for a while but haven't had the mindset to carry out - until now

10. My nephew turned 16 this week and, apart from the fact it really drove home that I am no longer a teenager (because my mind feels not too much different to then sometimes!) it did give me a good purpose for reflection.  This was on two levels, firstly I thought about what and how much I have achieved since I was 16, and secondly regarding my nephew that for a 16 year old boy - he is a really good kid.

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  1. The very best of luck to your hubby and so glad to read all the other positive news - and that blog post you refer to was a very powerful and moving read xx

  2. Well done on the submission of your first article!

    1. Thank you - it is a very exciting opportunity!

  3. Brilliant news about the article, that's very encouraging. I have other posts from you in my inbox to read, so I think the one you're referring to is there, still to be read. More later.

    1. I was so chuffed to get the opportunity, hopefully it will be the first in a series of articles.

  4. Great to know that your writing career is already on it's way. Hurrah!


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