Saturday, 14 April 2012

What Has Made Me Cheerful This Week?

Although this week started on the back foot for me with a nasty three day stomach bug (swiftly followed by it taking out my husband) we have managed to get back on track and I have managed to think about the things that have made me smile during the course of this week.

1. The biggest thing is our house move date has been confirmed and although it is imminent, and we have a mammoth task to try and get our current house packed up in record time, on the whole, the quick date is excellent in the long run for our family because we will be back by the sea for the summer.  Much family fun to be had.

2. This week has been the second of the Easter Holidays for J1, so lots of extra time together.

3. I have nearly finished my third book of the year, so although I was off to a slow start on my mission of 12 in 12 months, I am almost back on track.

4. I had a record number of page views on my blog for a day this week, and it was by some considerable amount, not quite sure how it happened but it was pleasing.

5. We received news that another set of friends are expecting baby number 2 in October, it is like a baby boom at the moment!

6. Even though most of the family got struck down by the 'Tummy Bug', J1 avoided it, and if anyone needs to avoid it, J1 is it. 

7. I applied for another small writing opportunity, am currently waiting to hear if I have been successful.

8. Hubby got asked back for a second interview for a job opportunity, again we are waiting to hear news.

9. I have had lots of inspiration for writing this week and my mind has been thinking about book ideas in copious amounts - this is good as it has been a bit lacking of late.

10. I have somehow, by some miracle, caught up with my ironing!  I am assuming this will only last for this week as I now have such large quantities of house packing to do.

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  1. Great news about the move. Good luck! Hope you settle in quickly.

  2. Wow another good week you have had. Hate stomach bugs - make you feel awful. Very good news about the move and record number of hits on your blog. Yay.


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