Thursday, 12 April 2012

Groovy Mums (an inspiration by Kate on Thin Ice)

Many of my posts mention that I am participating in the Groovy Mum's initiative over at Kate on Thin Ice.  This is a positive and inspirational link up for mums that want to take steps to change, improve, move their lives forward for themselves and / or their family and have support from other mum bloggers whilst doing so. 

Participation is as much or as little as you like, you can link up posts outlining the steps you have started to make, would like to take or are looking for inspiration to take and reading other peoples progress and success is a massive spirit lifter.  On the other side of the coin, on occasions progress you had hoped to achieve has not been made it can be a source of positive reinforcement not to give up or if you ask nicely, even a kick up the bum if you feel one is required.

It is great to have a place to, kind of, report to especially if you have a nature like mine, and have to have lists to get by and like to keep a running report in your own mind of what you have managed to achieve.  I worked like this when I was in full time employment and years of this tried and tested approach still works for me as a stay at home mum, and yes, it is also a way for me to remind myself that my role at home is as busy as the one I ever held in the World of Work, which is easy to forget when you trade money-making for home-making.

At the beginning of the year I decided to list my Aims and Hopes (of achieving things) for 2012 and broke them down to a few per month.  These are my posts that I have been linking up with Groovy Mums, I found that I made much more effort to actually succeed and fulfil what I set out to do at the beginning of each month so that I could report back and get a good old pat on the back (or when lack of effort prevailed, kick up the buttocks!).  By doing this I have made some great new blogger acquaintances, who always take the time and effort to catch up with my blog and more importantly comment their support and opinions.

In addition to providing a place for the fantastic link up, thus support network, Kate also goes to the tremendous effort of providing 'Challenges' for anyone that maybe struggling to come up with their own inspiration to move forward.  These Challenges look at various areas of life (for example Mind, Body and Soul) and ask you to think about how making a change in this area in your life could be positive for you.  Again, participation is completely optional, but some of the Challenges have certainly got me thinking, and recently saw me getting involved with helping Charity close to my heart.

If you have been 'thinking' about checking out what this is, whether you are a blogger or not, it is so worth going to visit Kate and some of her wonderful Groovy Mums, I promise you will come away smiling and inspired.  I have.


  1. Wow, logged onto Netmums and found this. Really good to know the Groovy Mums thing makes a difference to you. I am no expert and get as much out as I put in. Lovely tribute though, ta very much

  2. What a lovely post. I agree with everything you said. I've found it a very inspiring place to be too. x

  3. Great post. I really like the Grooving mums initiative too -although I've been a bit naff (do people still say this word) in getting around to joining in sometimes. But when I have its really helped to motivate me!

    PS Thank you for the wonderful comment on my latest blog - it really made my day.


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