Saturday, 31 March 2012

What Has Made Me Cheerful This Week

As I thoroughly enjoyed joining in with thinking about 'What Has Made Me Cheerful This Week' last week, I thought I would do it again, as it was lovely to read back over it and remind myself just how lucky I am in this big old world.

So this week here are my top 10 picks for why the week has been pretty darn good :

1. Celebrating our One Year Wedding Anniversary with The Hubby.  We tried out a restaurant we have been wanting to go to for ages and had a lovely evening with lots of laughter.

2. Finally getting to the Under 5 swimming session with J2 - after a good 12 weeks of attempting it, we were finally fit enough to go - hoorah!

3. J1's school photograph came through and after the disappointment of last year, this one brought out a smile on all of our faces and has been promptly ordered.

4. The Hubby managed to track down some more 'hard to come by' Barbies and despite me telling him off about spending the money on them, they are pretty awesome.

5. I have been part of the Charity 'Young Epilepsy' campaign 'My Purple Pledge' and been trying to help them raise the profile of Epilepsy and the amount of people that cope with this condition every day.  This has brought me closer to a dear friend that I have recently got back in touch with too, so a win - win all round.

6. I have made a real effort to touch base with, go see and / or make arrangements to go and see a lot of my friends.  A couple of them seem to be having a bit of a hard time at the moment and I feel inspired by all the wonderful positive blogs I am reading that I feel I can help them.

7. I got to go and spend the day with my friend and her new baby daughter, getting lots of cuddles but not getting broody - this was a real good test for me and I passed with flying colours.

8. My other friend who gave birth to a baby boy last week, but who was kept in for a few days for observation are now both home safe and sound.

9. I have had a record number of hits for the month of March on this blog - which has thrilled me.  It really feels like the extra effort of more frequent blog posts, getting back into writing for 'The Disability Diaries' and the new feature 'Marvellous Mum' has paid off.  I am getting some great heart-warming comments from people too.

10. The absolute best piece of news that this week has held for us however, is that J1's hip x-rays are showing that his hips are as they should be and no imminent surgery is required at the moment(phew).  Although we do have to accept the fact that he will always have discomfort in them when we try to do physiotherapy / move him, I was worried that we would be seeing the inside of the hospital again far to soon, so for that I am thankful.

Other inspiring and 'Cheery' souls can be found over at and as always if you want inspiration check out Kate on Thin Ice.


  1. This is a lovely feature and a great post. So glad you are feeling so cheerful this week and are so busy. Polly

  2. So many wonderful things here to be cheerful about. Lovely post. x

  3. It has been lovely to think about the good that has happened, it is so easy to get grumpy when you have a lack of sleep and a lot of housework that never seems to get done, so just sitting and thinking about 10 good things reminds you how lucky you are.x


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