Wednesday, 28 March 2012

No, Urgh, Yuk!

Every parent has days where they find their children hard work.  Children are prone / entitled to off days as much as adults and on those days they are hard work.

Then there is Toddler hood

I didn't really ever experience 'Toddlerhood' with J1.  He had his moments, don't get me wrong but they were few and far between.  But this J2 character, wow, he is certainly making sure that I get the full on bafter of 'The Wrath of Toddlerhood'.

Everything you can every think of in a cliche to do with 'The Terrible Two's' J2 is giving us right now and I am wondering if I am actually going to make it through it.  If I do, I fear at the end of the next year or two I may; run out of voice due to the constant use of it to check / discipline / negotiate with J2; hair due to the amount of time I spend putting my head in my hands and counting to 10; teeth due to the amount of head butts I get whilst J2 has tantrums over anything and everything.

The main frustrations at the moment are the constant battles.  In true Toddler style, he doesn't want to bath / get dressed / brush his teeth.  If we want to go out in the car he says buggy.  If we want to go out with the buggy he says walk.  If we want to walk he says carry.  He doesn't want to go in the car seat, but when we want to get him out the other end, he wants to stay in.  Then when we finally get him out, he doesn't want to go in the house. 

Then when we are in the house starts the Peppa Pig obsession.  He literally wants it on all the time and when it's not on he stands at our legs crying and whining and trying to drag us to the TV to put it on / change whatever is on to put it on.  Even when he has had a good dose of PP and is bored of it (cue more whining regarding what episode is on - the sign it's certainly time to go off) he repeats the words again and again and again ...

Then we have the current 'most grating' thing.  Everytime we sit down to eat 'No, Urgh, Yuk!'  The more amusing side to this is he also says it whenever someone gives him a kiss!  But where oh where has he learnt it? 

Now I am all for children having some determination and go in them, but this current phase, is just plain hard work.  To the point where the only appealing thing for us to do is to stay home, leave him in his PJ's and turn the house into Peppa Pig world.  I think that would be pure heaven in J2's world. 

Alas with this not being possible, I get through the day by praying that this phase will be a short one, working on a stack of distraction methods and live for those wonderful days where I see my other 'Mummy' friends and they say 'Oh my god, we are going through exactly the same thing at the moment, doesn't it drive you nuts!' and those even more wonderful days where I see other Mummy friends who can say 'We went through that phase, they do grow out of it.' 

And on to those words I cling with hope.

Now I have to find another Peppa Pig DVD to put on...


  1. i know exactually how you feel. philip is 20 months and he has them for months. i often wonder how it is he hasnt broken my nose yet from flinging his head back when we pick him up. does j2 go all floppy when you pick him up if hes having a right tantrum? that is really hard to cope with. i cling on to those words just like you x

    1. Yes, he does the classic stiff as a board, to floppy as a dish cloth, whichever is the more annoying at the time lol!

  2. I was lucky in the fact that actual tantrums were few and far between although I do remember one almighty one in public over me not letting him have a chocolate lolly pop. ( it was 9.30a!m). He was in the buggy and thrashed around his straps all the way to swimming. It was a NIGHTMARE. And by the time we got there, he'd got himself in such a state he had wet himself, and I was so upset I was in tears!

    I do feel for you. Yes, to the car seat/ walking/buggy thing. Yes, to the Yuk phase, the toothbrushing and Yes to the TV whinge. And as you know, I DO clench my teeth. I swear toddlerdom made it worse!

    It does take patience. I think it's just intense frustration because they can't articulate what they want. I do think setting the boundaries at this stage are incredibly important too - because if tantrums are rewarded then well, it's a slippery slope. But, let's face it, it's enough to try the patience of a saint.

    Pip is coming up for 3 now and we have definitely turned a corner. Have faith motherduck.. there is light at the end of the tunnel! x

  3. Mummy Plum, I cling on to that golden age of 3. Although people tell me it brings other 'trying traits' - as long as the inconsolable tantrums slow I don't mind! It certainly is a testing time right now.x

  4. Hello! Little A is going through all this at the moment. Especially with the tooth brushing thing and saying yukky to everything I put in front of her. Her obsession at the moment is Cheerios - wants them at every meal. So I let her have some on the proviso she eats what I have put in front ofr her first - it usually works!. But boy, its hard work!

    1. Somedays are better than others aren't they. Sometimes, if meltdowns are only one an hour it feels like a good day. Then there were days like yesterday... nightmare. Just have to remember it is a phase, one I knew would come and one that will pass (quickly I hope). It is great to know other mum's feel / experience the same, it's a great support network!x

  5. Oh I'm right there with you friend! I have a three year old who still has bouts of major defiance, and an 18month old who is just now discovering the joys of fit-throwing and rebellion.
    Sometimes I feel like all day long I am that wall for little boys to cash their heads upon!

    But I have older kids too... and it is true what they say- it does get better!

    Oh, you will probably laugh at this one:
    2yr old's guide to fit throwing:

    1. Oh my gosh, a 3 year old AND 18 month old, you are hardcore Emily! LOL! I can't wait to go over and read the posts you recommended, I can tell already they are going to make me smile!


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