Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The 2012 Plan (Grooving Mum Project with Kate on Thin Ice)

Having reviewed the good, the bad and the ugly (although in fairness there wasn't too much bad or ugly in 2011, it was a pretty damn good year overall!) it is time to think about what I would like myself and my family to achieve in 2012. 

I am going to do this as my first post linking to the Grooving Mum's movement over at Kate on Thin Ice as this is one of my 'blogger' aims for this year.

2012 Aims


- Continue to encourage J1 to try new activities and adventures to help with his fine and gross motor skills and his speech

- Be more vigilent with J1's home physiothearapy, even though he complains

- Help J1 school fundraising group

- Try and find new and suitable activities for the whole family to participate in at weekends

- Potty train J2

- Start weekly swim sessions with J2 again

- Cook 'real' meals at least 4 times a week and re-start my favourite receipes folder

- Bake something new with the boys at least once a month

- Start some basic learning plans for J2 for towards the end of the year

- Do house filing once a month and keep on top of it all

- Start saving for a big family holiday

- Child - proof new garden for the kids to use in spring


- Try and find a bit more personal time to do the following :

- Make at least 3 blog posts per week

- Write first draft of my series of childrens books

- Read at least 1 book a month

- Start taking more photographs and learn how to edit them

- Try and run twice a week, establish some safe routes

- Continue to learn about gardening and possibly go to The Chelsea Flower Show

- Continue to try and make an effort with my appearance as it is making me feel better

- Enjoy any available one to one time with Hubby and take opportunities to go out

- Treat self to a spa afternoon once every 3 months

- Plan one weekend away a year, just Hubby and Me

- Try and stop being so Gung-Ho with 'No' to new ideas and suggestions (although I do normally come round to them eventually)

- Try and be more positive on believing in what I can achieve

- Start action planning again, always achieve more that way - this is a good start!


  1. Hi Lynsey! Thanks for your comment over at OPGP & I'm welcome to Grooving Mums! :) This is a great set of goals, I love how you have some really specific goals & have divided into personal & family. Some of these sound as though they should be my goals too, particularly the cooking & swimming & appearance ones! Hope you enjoy your GM journey - I can't wait to hear (or read!) - keep up the fab work :)

  2. Hello! Looking forward to grooving along with you this year. I love the fact that your goals focus on your family as well as yourself. ( Puts me to shame..mine are all 'me, me, me!). I'm with you on learning how to edit photographs and keeping on top of the house filing too. Good luck with the writing for the blog and the children's books. You know I'll be reading. :0) x

  3. LOVE your aims!! Both family and Personal!! What kind of garden do you have??(i have an amateur vege' garden, that's starting to feel a bit deprived!) Also, isn't appearance a hard one to keep on top of! I went out the other day, got halfway to my destination and realized i had pumpkin mash on my shoulder and a wee patch of baby-spew on my pants. I just kept going!! Looking forward to watching these aims get achieved!!

  4. My word, that is quite a list. Very impressive but do remember to rest too lol. Thanks so much for joining us #groovymums and I look forward to hearing how it all goes in coming weeks and months.

  5. I like your resolution about being less gungho with "no". Sometimes yes can take us to unexpected places, even if that place reminds us maybe no was better in the first place! Wishing you lots of success this year.

  6. I would love to go to The Chelsea Flower Show

  7. That is a lot of aims! I like the way you have divided them into family goals and personal goals. Good luck. I look forward to reading about them in the coming weeks. Polly x

  8. Wowzers! Looking forward to hearing your progress through your aims - good luck (esp with potty training - about to embark upon it myself with Little Lad!)!


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