Friday, 13 January 2012

Grooving My Way Through January (linking with Groovy Mums @ Kate on Thin Ice)

When I wrote my monster list of Aims and Hopes for 2012, I wrote them with optimism, of course, but sense that they might all get done?  Not so much.

However, since linking up with the Grooving Mums initiative over at Kate on Thin Ice, I think I may have just found a way to help me break those targets down into bite sized pieces and ...dom-dom-dooooommmmmm...achieve them.  Which is pretty damn nifty.

I decided to break the goals down, aiming for a couple a month.  Of course some are on going, but some are one off things that I will spread over the year.  I have to say though I am grooving on pretty well with the ones that I set for this month, and, have even dared to look at future ones to see if there is any ground work I can lay down now to make them more achievable. 

By keeping this written log of my aims and progress it really is proving to be a great help, there is nothing like the feeling of getting things crossed off of your 'to do' list to boost you up, and the outstanding things you can sweep up into a nice, neat new pile to start working on.  A list system was ALWAYS going to work for me!

So my progress report thus far for my January aims is as follows :


* Publish at least three blog posts per week, and if I can get really super good write extra and 'programme' (go me) them to publish themselves throughout the week

So far 'check'.  Somehow I have managed to get a couple written and published this week, even though J2 has been 'super' attached to my leg.  I even managed to sort out a couple of 'Silent Sunday' posts and schedule them to post themselves - got to love technology!

* Fit two runs a week in and see if I think I will be get up to standard for the half marathon I optimistically booked myself on to back in October (which is March - sorry just picking myself up laughing off the floor) but at least I will have tried

Have got my first run scheduled in for tomorrow afternoon when The Hubby gets in and he can look after the children.  My second run I am hoping to squeeze in on Tuesday...

* Fit one afternoon spa session in - it's January, it's miserable and cold and a little indulgence might go a long way

Originally the plan was to go Wednesday just gone, but that didn't happen.  I can't see it happening this week as Business Accounts are due, but fingers crossed for the week after (is that still January?)


* Start reading with J1 again and try and find out the best way of helping him start to learn to read, rather than just remembering the whole story from memory, although that is pretty impressive too!

Yes, I am pleased to report that books are back in this house.  'Peppa goes Swimming' and 'Peace at Last' are still the firm favourites but I am trying to sneak a couple of new ones in too.

* Continue to encourage J2 to sit on the potty first thing in the morning and before and after bath time

Am also pleased to say that I am doing very well on keeping up with this one too.  J2 is more than willing to sit on the potty but we have only had one actual puddle to date, but as he isn't 2 yet am just trying to get him used to the idea of using it when we need a 'weeeeeeeeeeeeee-weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee' as he puts it, and so far, he is happy and so am I.

* Cook at least '4' real meals a week

Taaaaaaaaaaa-Dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Have managed to do this and can say I have seen a marked improvement in J2's eating quantities, which makes it all worth while (J1 is a star when it comes to eating so J2 and his lack of eating has come as a bit of a shock).  Must say that having a dishwasher has been a big encouragement to do this too.  The next stage of this master plan, get the super-duper, all singing, all dancing (scares the crap out of me) food processor out and crack out Jamie Oliver's 30 minute meals book.

I am also very proud to say that along with these chosen Aims from the 'Monster List' I have managed to also achieve the 'Bake once a month' goal too.  Chocolate Chip Muffins were baked and devoured, with possibly Lemon Drizzle Cake on the menu for next week.

For now though the only thing left on the menu for me is some sleep, but if you are not sleepy head over to Groovy Mums to read how other fabulous bloggers are doing with their own Aims and Hopes for 2012.


  1. Wow. Great progress! Bite size chunks is definitely the way to go. Well done on the reading and getting J2 on the potty. Great that you've got your mojo back on the home cooking too. I've got Jamie's 30 minute meals too. But they always seem to take me longer than 30 minutes! x

  2. Breaking things down is a great idea and will certainly inspire others to make progress with positive change. I read your post days ago but for some reason, the comment did not work for me. Probably me doing something wrong when tired. Good to see real moves on your aims. Admit I thought you were being very ambitious but this second post shows you are doing it. Well done you!


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