Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Plan - January

In my last post I posed the question of whether expecting to have any 'non mummy / wife' time when you have a young (i.e babies not in school) family was in fact asking 'Too Much?', and was our cribbing about not having time to write / run / play golf etc was out of line. 

I had an unequivocal response that in fact 'No, it most certainly is not too much to ask'.  The general consensus was that if you didn't, you would drive yourself insane and to remember that we were individual people in our own right before we either had children or got married and we were entitled to keep a smidgen of that without feeling the 'parent / partner' guilt and that it was just a case of compromising and arranging suitable dates and times to do these 'extra curricular activities'.

Therefore I am moving forward with the idea of my '2012 Year Plan' and in fact am going to post a monthly plan that I am intending to work with in order to see as many of our 'Aims and Hope for 2012' as possible fulfilled.

Thus was born 'The Plan' posts and we shall start with January.  This is sort of, I feel, in line with the Grooving Mum's initiative and so I hope to be able to share these links with Kate On Thin Ice and I hope it gives others inspiration and motivation too.  I 'aim' to link the results of the previous months plan as the precursor to the next so that I can see at the end of the year how we / I have done.  My, this is the most thorough I have ever managed to get with 'New Year Resolutions' if that is what you want to call them!

So here we go, for January I am going to am to :


* Publish at least three blog posts per week, and if I can get really super good write extra and 'programme' (go me) them to publish themselves throughout the week

* Fit two runs a week in and see if I think I will be get up to standard for the half marathon I optimistically booked myself on to back in October (which is March - sorry just picking myself up laughing off the floor) but at least I will have tried

* Fit one afternoon spa session in - it's January, it's miserable and cold and a little indulgence might go a long way


* Start reading with J1 again and try and find out the best way of helping him start to learn to read, rather than just remembering the whole story from memory, although that is pretty impressive too!

* Continue to encourage J2 to sit on the potty first thing in the morning and before and after bath time

* Cook at least '4' real meals a week

I think three aims on both the 'Personal' and 'Family' front is acceptable to try out for the first month.  Look out for 'The Plan - February' (...coming soon... cue over excitable music) to see how we / I get on.


  1. Afternoon spa session - that sounds like heaven! x

  2. I love your blog... you write so well. Glad I found you! That's a great plan for January. I'm doing a half marathon in May and I do hope I can do it, and in a reasonable time (fingers crossed!). I'm trying to get back to cooking real meals too! I'm hoping that doing some meal planning will help and I go back to work soon too so that will be a challenge (added to that I'm now on my own too!). Looking forward to hearing your updates. My first son was premature (33 weeks) but I went to nearer term with my daughter (37 weeks). I'll read more of your blog soon hopefully when I get a chance... Sarah


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