Monday, 23 January 2012

Grooving My Way Through January - How am I doing this week?

I have to say that I didn't think I was doing that well with my grooving progression but having made notes to sit and write this post I am doing much better than I thought, go me eh?  Am laying down foundations for things without realising it!

As I said, I decided to break down my Aims and Hopes for 2012 bit by bit.  My choices to try and get up and running with for January were outlined in my blog 'Grooving My Way Through January' and it's that time to review how I am doing so far :


* Publish at least three blog posts per week, and if I can get really super good write extra and 'programme' (go me) them to publish themselves throughout the week

I have managed to continue to do this and have started carrying my 'pink note pad' around with me again to make notes / keep ideas in when I am not able to get to the laptop. 

* Fit two runs a week in and see if I think I will be get up to standard for the half marathon I optimistically booked myself on to back in October (which is March - sorry just picking myself up laughing off the floor) but at least I will have tried

Yay!  I did get that run in on Saturday and it was delightful.  I did not get the Tuesday one though, or last Saturdays.  So, my compromise is if I can't get out to run, to help get my fitness levels up to help with the running I am going to crack out the old 'fitness DVD collection' and when I can't run, do that instead.  Watch this space.

* Fit one afternoon spa session in - it's January, it's miserable and cold and a little indulgence might go a long way

Still 'planning' on going next week...


* Start reading with J1 again and try and find out the best way of helping him start to learn to read, rather than just remembering the whole story from memory, although that is pretty impressive too!

I have got an appointment with J1's class teacher tomorrow to review some school bits and pieces and to ask about the 'Starting to read' idea.  Continuing with the evening reading, and he has started to ask for story time when he has his 'chill out sessions' (stretching out) on his bed.  All good.

* Continue to encourage J2 to sit on the potty first thing in the morning and before and after bath time

I am stunned and pleased with the progress being made on this one.  We have had numerous puddles left in the potty and J2 does enjoy a big round of applause!

* Cook at least '4' real meals a week

Yup, Yup, Yup, Check, Check, Check, just call me Delia... well... maybe not quite Delia yet (the food processor still hasn't ventured out of the cupboard yet).

However, as pleased as I am with the continued progression with these targets, it is the additional ones I have found myself beaming with pride over.  In the chaos of life in this household the following steps have been mustered :

- Try and find new and suitable activities for the whole family to participate in at weekends

We started this last weekend.  As it is still thick winter, and needing indoor activities we suddenly remembered how much enjoyment J1 was getting out of bowling last year.  We assessed the 'danger' level for J2 of this and decided that between the two of us we could probably keep him from; running up the lands, crushing his fingers in the balls, trying to pick up the balls, running away (the list goes on).  We armed ourselves with drinks and snacks and only booked for an hour.  I would say for three quarters of that hour it was a success, the other 15 minutes were J2 hell, so overall a good trip out!

- Start weekly swim sessions with J2 again

All ready to go this Thursday, to an under 5's only session.  I love this session, the children are too little to be diving on your head and the pool put out appropriate swim aids to try.  Also everyone is in the same boat when trying to get the children dressed, ie. they are running around and you are attempting to catch them.  Can happily not have to endure the 'pity' looks from other, childless swimmers.
- Bake something new with the boys at least once a month

Excelling in this one!  Not only was a successful Lemon Drizzle cake planned and baked last week, but this week we have the ingredients for Chocolate Covered Butter Shortbread.  Yummy, yes please.

- Write first draft of my series of childrens books

Files set up on my computer, and all my scrappy handwritten notes / ideas transferred into sensible, legible data.

- Plan one weekend away a year, just Hubby and Me

I think our plan is to take our weekend away to go to the Bullies Out Charity Ball in Cardiff again this year, as it was so awesome last year (this combines with spending the weekend with our best friends so doesn't get better than that!).  But we have also discussed the possibility of going out for a meal Valentines, and we need to decide what we are going to do to celebrate our first wedding anniversary in March. 

I am also going to BritMums Live this year, and we have worked out that we could have a lovely night in the City in a lovely hotel together combined in.

Wow, anything is possible!  To see what other fantastic bloggers are surprising themselves by achieving head on over to Kate on Thin Ice and check out the other Grooving Mums.


  1. Wowsers! It sounds like you're doing really well on sticking to all your resolutions. A very inspiring read x

  2. Wow considering it's only 23rd jan your doing really well! I can't say I made as many 'resolution' type things but I wouldn't be doing as well as you if I did! x

  3. your doing great!! I'm a new follower from MBS! my site is



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