Thursday, 27 October 2011

MIA in the Blogging-Sphere

Although I have only been blogging for about 3 months, the fact that I have been unable to do it for the last two weeks has been very noticeable.  I had started to be able to get to sleep quicker when I went to bed, the thoughts in my head having been laid to rest on, well I was going to say paper, but really a lap top screen and it was giving me a tiny piece of time for me in a week where as a mother and wife you are constantly looking after everybody elses needs. 

However, the unforeseen events of the last two weeks has required 100% of my energy to be outlaid on keeping my family going, as my poor husband has been through the mill healthwise, and anyone with children knows, life has to continue exactly the same as normal.  So with the added stress of worrying about someone you love not being in tip top shape, keeping up with a baby that came down with a sickness bug, followed by a cold that just won't quit (i.e very sketchy nights requiring a lot of sitting up soothing), getting the cold myself and the family gathering that seemed like an awesome idea a month ago pending, blogging had to be the thing to give.

And I have missed it.  I still find myself jotting notes down but just not seeing the opportunity to get it all out, out of my mind but having just cried at a stupid TV programme, whilst wiping my very sore nose and feeling a little sorry for myself in general today I thought that I had better schedule some time in now, as I think it will help, to just feel like I have had just 30 minutes to myself.

And so back into the blogsphere I return, and now I am back I will attempt to stay around, maybe it won't be possible on a daily basis, but maybe just a couple of times a week for now, and I have plenty of things I want to post about so no sitting at the screen wondering where to start for a while now...


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) I'm so sorry your fam has been sickly and I really hope you all feel better soon!

    Ps. We need those 30 minutes sometimes :) I hope it helps!


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