Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Holding Out For a Hero (belated Monday Madness)

I was planning on doing this post for my Monday Madness, however, our own health madness really kicked in with a vengence this week and the weekend saw myself laid up in bed unwell, and then 'The Hubby' got taken into hospital for emergency surgery on Monday and it has been a whirlwind of arranging suitable childcare so that I can visit in the measly hours they allow at the hospital. 

So, pretend it's Monday for five minutes (and when you stop pretending it's Monday and realise it is actually Wednesday you'll be really happy) for Monday Madness.

And what comes 'madder' in an 'excited and bouncing up and down way' than finding out one of your very best friends is going to be on a gameshow on National TV?  And I don't mean a Channel 5 jobby,  I mean ITV 1, on Sunday Prime Time.  Nothing does, thats what!

Now I hear the word 'game show' and think 'why would people?'.  They are usually gaudy, humiliating (some... well a lot) and half the time the prize isn't worth the life long tarnish that you would brush yourself with for being a contestent.  However, this was no ordinary friend, this was Ms L.  There is no way Ms L would associate herself with anything that would humiliate her infront of an audience of, well I assume millions.

And no she certainly did not.  Ms L, has recently got involved with an amazing charity called Bullies Out ( who provide help, support and information to anyone affected by bullying.  Already training to trek up Kilimanjaro with her Hubby and anyone else she can cajoule, er I mean encourage (and this lady is very persuasive) to raise money for the charity she also managed the no small feat of getting an opportunity to win the charity some money by being on a 'worthwhile' gameshow (I know, there are not many of them) called Holding Out For a Hero. 

Wikipedia gives this description :

Holding Out For A Hero is an ITV entertainment programme in which contestants don't win money for themselves, but for somebody else, who they considered to be their hero. The show is presented by Gethin Jones. Every week three contestants compete to win a huge sum of money for somebody else.

And that pretty much sums it up!  And it also sums Ms L up, someone who always puts others first.  Now, of course I am very jealous that Ms L got up close and well, ok maybe not personal with Gethin Jones, but up close but moreover I am so PROUD of her.  I cringe at the thought of what I would be like on a quiz show and under pressure (my neck would flush red, my cockney of cockney accents would get even more cockney with nervousness and my laugh would reach a pitch only dogs could hear) and I doubt I would be able to answer the question 'Whats your name' correctly, but Ms L...? 

No no no, cool as a cucumber, clear, concise, answered her questions correctly and looked fabulous!  Did she win the big big bucks?  Unfortunately no, another worthwhile charity did (and that is what is great about this show, whatever charity is on playing for the money deserves it and even the ones who don't win the big amount get a decent donation from the show) but she gave them a damn good run for their money, she did everything right, lady luck just did not pull out all the stops when it came to the last pick of 'how much the question was worth'.

What's more we finally gave in an told J1 about it on Sunday morning and it kept him excited and happy all day, he was beside himself when he saw her come on the TV and we have had to watch it everyday since!  Happy J1, Happy Mummy!

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