Friday, 14 October 2011

Featured Blogger : Our Footprints on the World (Feature Friday)

Although today would normally be my 'Family Friday' blog post, I am deviating this week and instead doing a 'Feature Friday' post, featuring another fantastic / amazing / wonderful blog. 

This week we hook up with Kelly-Marie and her eye-catching blog at :

Hello , I am Kelly-Marie, mummy to my gorgeous little boy Joshua 'aka Joshy' who has just turned 5 months old, and I am wife to my lovely newly wed husband Matt ! These guys are my life and are so special to me, that's why I love to blog about them all the time.

On my blog you will find lot's of photographs and stories about our everyday life. I love photography and with my new camera our life is always captured.

Kelly-Marie, Matt & Josh

Blog: Our Footprints On The World

Kelly has the most amazing eye for taking photographs and displays them, usually with a little twist on her blog, which is well worth a visit to see!  Visit by clicking on the button on the right of my blog page or simply click here

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