Friday, 7 October 2011

As I Watch My Baby Sleep (Family Friday)

I thought it was about time I tortured my blog with another attempting at here goes :

As I Watch My Baby Sleep

As I watch my baby sleep
I wonder what's in store
In life for him as he grows
I want to know much more

I want to know if he'll sail through school
If he'll play sports and read
I want to know if he'll care for others
Tend to their needs

Will he be sensitive but a little hard
Or will he be class clown
Will he be a great shoulder
When a friend wears a frown

Will he study or go to work
Will he move from home
Will he be open and talk to us
Or will he roll around and moan

Will he do something he loves
Something for the greater good
I hope he does and it makes him happy
As every parent would

Will he be straight or will he be gay
Either way I don't care
Just as long as whoever he brings home
Isn't a complete nightmare

Will he stand at the top of the aisle
Waiting for a beautiful bride
Who will walk to him and say 'I do'
With us standing by their side

Will children bless his life
Like I have had bless mine
Will he grow to be sophisticated
And enjoy expensive fine wine

I wish all of this as he sleeps
As only a Mother can
And promise to him with all my heart
I'll help him be a strong and honest man


  1. Very pretty and cute blog!
    Congrats on the Feature for your last post!
    Follow me back please!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this, it's lovely x


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