Wednesday, 5 December 2012

2013 : Striving (#GetGrooving)

My last post considered what 2012 had been like for me and my family.  I was proud of our progress in most aspects of our life.  I, again, have had no time to sit down and write this week until now, but I have been thinking about what I would like to try and achieve in 2013. 
Participating in Kate on Thin Ice's #GetGrooving (Groovy Mums) helped me to focus my 2012 'Hopes and Aims' so I will be doing the same for 2013.  No one can predict the future.  How many of you have had things happen this year that you had no clue would ever occur?  Most I would think.  But a little planning never hurt anyone.  And things won't happen unless YOU make them.
With exception of all the normal things you hope a year will bring; good health; happiness for your friends and family; world peace; a lottery win; this post is all about the things that I can make, or help to make happen.
2013 Hopes and Aims
* Holiday of a Lifetime - To really make it that.  As this is the only time, I believe, we will be able to take J1 on this holiday we need to make it count.  Do absolutely everything we ever dreamt of doing and on coming home, have not one single regret. 
* Bike Rides - With the award of a bike for J1, we will be able to do that very simple pleasure of going for a family bike ride.  I want to ensure we do this regularly.
* Physiotherapy - For J1's physical strengthening to continue to improve through vigilant physiotherapy at home and school.  Great progress has been made with this and it needs to continue as he is growing fast.
* Social - We have started to get out and about much more socially as a family and it has been fun and it will be lovely to keep this going. 
* Swimming - Again this another simple family activity that has been a little difficult for us to achieve.  However, we have found a swimming pool with reasonable disabled facilities and if we enlist extra hands we can do this as a family.  J2 is also scheduled to start swimming lessons in March.  Safety first for our little fearless one.
* Home - Continue to improve our home and garden, including de-cluttering.
Really these all come down to one thing - enjoying our time together as a family.
* Writing - I have a few writing goals for 2013 :
- Continue with Camomile Crescent
- Enter at least two writing competitions
- First draft of my novel (when J2 starts Nursery in April)
- To attend a writing workshop in January (booked) and Britmums in June
- Research the book industry in general
* Blogging
- Continue to blog at least 2-3 times a week
- Raise profile of Lynsey The Mother Duck, via Facebook, Twitter etc
- Get a personalised design for my blog
* Social Media & Charity Work
- Continue to help the Charity GRACE with their Social Media. 
- Set up a GRACE blog
- Learn more about Social Media as a profession
* Running
- Continue to run at least twice a week for general health and fitness and maintain weight
- Join a running club or set up a 'running buddies' scheme
- Try and set up a 5K race whereby all racers jog with someone in a wheelchair
- Enter 5K and 10K races all year
- Complete half marathon in March
There are also two from last year that are important to ensure happen again this coming year :
* A weekend for just The Hubby and I
* One Spa session every three months (only achieved one of those this year - must do better!)
Again this might seem like an exhausting list but I will be focusing on them in small bite size pieces.  Most things can be achieved with good organisation, clever use of time and a bit of determination.
Have a think about what you want from your year - those things that you can have control over.  What can you make happen?  Baby steps of progress can make the world of difference to a mind that is feeling low, and once you start, you never know what you can achieve.
If you need more inspiration take a look at all the posts over at Kate on Thin Ice and see how others are getting on!


  1. Wow Lynsey, and the thing is, is that I know you will accomplish most of your goals - you are so full of determination and life - your family time sounds wonderful, and I really like your writing goals too! XXX.

    1. Thanks OM! It's lovely people have confidence in me to achieve! Am hoping I will achieve the writing goals in particular.

  2. Well last year I confess to being cynical at the length of your list but knowing you better, I now know better too. I look forward to seeing you tick them off and I look forward to having more self-confidence and actually chatting at BritMums Live.
    Good Luck on all fronts.

    1. Thanks Kate! I will be linking up via GM as my goal measurer. Can't wait for BritMums Live! See you there!

  3. What a fantastic list of aims for 2013. I've gotta say it, you're a very inspiring woman Mother Duck. Your positivity just shines through your writing. There's so many things I love about this post, but particularly, I'm looking forward to hearing about the trip of a lifetime and reading more about your writing in 2013. I've decided this is going to be the year I get cracking on my novel too. We'll have to compare notes. Think I'm going to sign up for Britmums this year too!
    Such great news about the bike for J1, I'm sure that will make for some great family days out. x

    1. Oh my god, PLEASE come to BritMums this year - it was and will be awesome again I am sure! I am going to try and prioritise writing with the time I get with J2 starting nursery in 2013. The holiday and bike should ensure that J1 has an amazing year - all I need now to make my 'things for J1 to do' is the Garden Swing! And that is probably one of the easier bits to sort! Whoop! Hope EB and Pip are looking forward to Xmas :-) Well, EB is probably looking forward to his next feed more, but hey first Christmases are exciting!x


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