Saturday, 13 October 2012

What Has Made Me Cheerful This Week

A busy week has meant that I am a little later than normal thinking about the positives of our week.  But of course that has meant there has been a multitude of items to choose from. 
Reasons to be Cheerful is this week being hosted by the wonderful Mama Owl as Mummy from the Heart is with ONE Mums in Ethiopia - so if your week needs shouting about join in the blog hop with her.
This week this is what has made me cheerful :
* I am amongst a multitude of pregnant ladies at the moment and this week one arrived safe and well.  Mummy, Daddy, Big Sister and Baby Girl J.A are all doing well and I can not wait to go Baby Girl clothes shopping (any opportunity when you live in a house of boys).
* J2 and I had a lovely trip to our local Zoo (Gold Cards were definitely worth it) with one of my oldest friends from school, his sister and her son for whom we were celebrating his second birthday.  Many laughs were had and the boys played so well together.  They were both asleep before we left the car park at the end of the day.
* We had a wonderful piece of post arrive saying that we can get a power pack for J1's wheelchair.  This will make a huge difference and make our sea front walks possible again and Zoo trips available even when it can only be mum and I that can go.  This opens up a lot of opportunities to get J1 out and about more.
* We attended a wonderful Harvest Festival service with J1's school.  A sure sign of Autumn.
* I submitted a piece of writing to a very positive response and have been asked for another.  I have also been asked to guest post for a parenting website, all very exciting.
* Potty training is continuing with J2 and this week has been more good days than bad.


  1. Sounds like a great week. Great news about the powerpack for J1's wheelchair, and also the writing opportunities. Well done!

    Must say...when I started to read the first bullet point I thought you were announcing you were pregnant with no 3 for the first half of the sentence! x

  2. sounds like a good week xx

  3. Good luck with the potty training - there are days when you slightly lose the will to live with it aren't there?

  4. Really great news about the writing opportunities - you published writer you - also really pleased to hear about the power packs for J1's chair - great that you will be able to go for walks along the sea front again. X.


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