Thursday, 28 June 2012

What Has Made Me Cheerful This Week?

The return of an abcess has taken the wind out of my sails a little today.  In addition to this I think the muggy night sent the option of a comfortable sleep for J2 into space, so we are running a little under fuelled. 

So, what better time than to think about all the positive things from the week, and boy it has been a busy and active week!  So without further ado, these are my multitude of reasons to be Cheerful this week.

1. BritMums Live 2012 was everything that it hyped itself up to be.  Two intense but laughter filled days were spent at a beautiful venue in the heart of London.  I came away with new friendships, lots of information, a tonne of goody bags and a photograph of myself with Ruby Wax.

2. My wonderful and generous husband booked me into a very swish hotel, The Montcalm, next door to the venue as a surprise.  It was so nice to know that I did not have to trot around London getting back to the hotel.  The very nice receptionist also upgraded me to a Club Suite so I felt even more spoilt.  If we could have taken a time machine to extend the length of the evening it would have been lovely if the Hubby could have indulged with me.

3. As another surprise The Hubby came and picked me up from the event on Saturday night from the doors of the venue.  This was much appreciated as I could barely carry all the bags of freebies accumulated over the course of two days and I am not sure I would have made it to the station without the assistance of a taxi.  It was such a heartwarming moment, although feeling sad at leaving some amazing women and a plethora of memories made, to walk out and see them smiling faces of the Hubby and Children.

4. Having a short break away is and was fantastic, but there is nothing like some time away from home and your family to make you want to get back to them.  I do love (and require) some 'alone' time every now and then but chaos of everyday SAHM life does keep me fit and young at heart.

5. The last two months have been extremely hectic, busy and social.  So it is with a small 'Oh my word' that I find myself with only a week to get packed for our holiday.  However, I like it when good things creep up on you because we now have a week of excitement before we depart, which will fly for me as I descend into a frenzied week of washing, ironing, lists, purchasing and packing.

6. We confirmed that we have managed to get a 'Wheelchair Bike' for our holiday for J1.  I will never forget the excitement in his voice when he said 'Daddy and Bob-Bob [Uncle] will ride with me!'

7. We confirmed that we have got places booked on the High Wire Challenge (post will come out of that I am sure).

8. I have got my first 5K race on Friday night.  I am running well into 5K comfortably now so I am really looking forward to it.  It will be good to log a time so that over the next few weeks, when I have got various 5K races signed up I can see if I can beat it.

9. A very dear friend, that sadly suffered a miscarriage earlier this year confided that she is 14 weeks pregnant.  I am thrilled beyond belief for her and her husband.

10.  J2 and I found a fantastic 'J2 age appropriate' park, just a five minute walk from our house.  Anything that burns of some of J2's copious amounts of energy is always a positive thing.  Let's hope that the Summer might decide to make a more permanent appearance soon.

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  1. What fantastic reasons to be cheerful, and huge congrats to your friend! I am so jealous of everyone who went to Britmumslive, I hope I can attend next year! Good luck with your 5K! x

    1. Thank you! 5K was achieved and enjoyed! Signed up for the next one already. BritMums Live was sooo worth it. Can't wait for the tickets to go on sale for next year and get planning activities with new found wonderful friends!x

  2. What a fabulous week! And to top it all off, you've a holoiday just around the corner. Good news about the wheelchair bike and your pregnant friend. Best of luck for the 5K run. Have a fab holiday! X

    1. Thank you! Am almost all packed and managed to clean the house on Friday so just a general tidy round required. It's nice to be almost ready without the last minute rush! As it's a nice day today got some J1 time as J2 is going out with Nanny and Grandad for most of the day (he is being a bit of a wretch at the moment, misbehaving, so it's hard to dedicate time to just J1 when he is here).x

  3. Ohh a superb lots of great reaons. Isn't you hubbie just lovely? Enjoy the holiday. Mich x

  4. This is so positive and uplifting! It's made me feel really cheerful too. Have a lovely holiday. x

  5. I've been reading so much about how good Britmums was, so glad you enjoyed it, it does sound fabulous and very motivating. What a lovely surprise the hotel was! Polly


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