Thursday, 26 April 2012

Groovy Mum's - The Challenges

As most of you will be aware I like to participate in the initiative, over at Kate on Thin Ice called Groovy Mums.  It encourages everyone to make positive steps, however big or small, towards making the changes in their lives that they feel would be beneficial.  It can be anything, working towards a career change, losing weight, renovating or improving where you live, regaining control of a situation.  Blog posts can be linked up, where for moral support, you can read how other people are getting on with their own quests. 

I usually link up my 'The Plan' posts, however, Kate also provides prompts or 'Challenges' with which you can participate to get yourself 'Grooving'.  I have not done this before, but this week, the Challenges do all tie-in with what I have been doing / achieving over the last few weeks (besides packing of course).

So this weeks Groovy Mums Challenges are :

1. Body – What new ways can you find to take exercise? Check out what is offered at your local leisure centres and community venues. Is there something you could do at home to increase your fitness?

I have got a little buzzing bee flying around my mind saying 'Run the 2013 Marathon'.  I did it in 2006, and feel super inspired to do it again.  I even have the added incentive of one of my very oldest friends being inclined to do it with me. 

This has obviously kick started the running, and I have signed up for races in June, July and October currently.  Because running is tough on the knees it is always good to do a lesser impact form of exercise as well, so I have got out the exercise DVDs (always a good cold, rainy day option) and the Yoga one (have been wanting to do Yoga for a while now). 

I have even worked out the weekly schedule so that I can fit the runs in, and have enlisted the help of The Hubby to assist with the fundraising side of things.  Just waiting for the Charity Entry to open for the charity we would like to run for now.  All very exciting.

2. Mind – It is Depression Awareness Week. Have you experienced depression? Do you know how to spot the signs of depression in your loved ones and others? Check out for information and support with mental health issues. They are also asking for your stories.

I, just last week, published a very personal account of my experience with depression after my son was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at a little over a year old.  I had such an amazing response to this that I am now writing a series of posts on it, outlining why I ended up with depression, how I responded to it and how I slowly, but surely saw my way though it.  You can find them here : Dark Days Part One and Dark Days Part Two.

3. Blogging – Did you know publish round-ups of good posts on certain issues such a food, politics, special needs, green issues, health and more? Why not promote your posts to the editors of these round-ups and raise your profile?

Strangely enough I just discovered the Round Up on Special Needs and submitted some Disability Diaries posts.  I will most certainly be checking it out on a regular basis, it is amazing where gems of information can come from.  Special Needs is such a vast and expansive subject that sometimes it is difficult to know where to start to look for the right information for you - so this is a great starting point.  Any forum that brings together a support network is also good.
4. Special Days – This week saw us marking St George’s Day. Is there a dragon that you need to tackle in your life?
At the moment my dragon is fitting our entire house into boxes again!  The first part of packing is easy, you can box all the things you are not using or needing to use.  It is the stage we are at now I struggle with, where I can't box up what we are using, but there still seems so much left to pack.  I will be most glad when next week arrives and the move takes place.
5. Charity Connections- Get shopping online and hundreds of retailers will give a percentage of what you spend to a charity of your choice. Click here and register for free for Give As You Live with your name and email address. Do it today! You don’t have to spend any money now but it means when you do shop online you can ensure some of the money goes to a good cause. Why wouldn’t you? When you click, you will see poppies because I am personally raising money for the Royal British Legion but you can register here and then when you shop, you can select a charity of your choice.
I am going to look into this for sure.
6, The Big Question – What has the last year brought you? Are you happy with it?
This last year has been hectic and fast paced, as it is with all families with young children I think.  Overall I am very happy though, the children are developing and progressing amazingly well, we are just managing to keep our head above water (not easy in this economic climate) and The Hubby seems to be on the mend after a few health scares at the end of last year, with the important thing of he is now on the radar to have a closer eye kept on him.  For me, life as a SAHM is still good, and with J2 getting a little older I am starting to be able to keep on top of the housekeeping (i.e ironing and cooking properly) with less of a degree of difficulty.  I just yesterday posted a round up of the best points of the last four months to J1 and J2 (Dear Boys - Letter of Life 4) as I think it is a great way for them to keep a record of life as we know it.

If you are inspired by Groovy Mums, sign up to the new Groovy Mums networking site here


  1. Great post, good to hear everything is going so well for you. The blogging thing sounds especially intersting. Good luck with the move, it seems to have been coming for ages!

    1. It certainly does. These last few days are odd there is only so much left to pack that you don't need! If only we could gradually move in over a week!

  2. Glad that I found you on Bloggy Moms. I am trying to motivate myself to get some exercise after my morning blog posts. I have hit 40 and there are definite changes in physical appearance and stamina. Thanks for the helpful links. Well done.

    1. Thanks for visiting Tomboy Jen! Kate on Thin Ice is a great inspiration for many aspects on life, including finding mojo for health and fitness for weight loss. She is def worth checking out.

  3. Lots of positivity here. Keep your groovy skates on Mother Duck;0). Good luck with the last of the packing and the move next week..(and of course..Happy Birthday too!) x

    1. Thank you Mummy Plum! The birthday is lost in a fog of house moving, but I am sure I will pluck a special day out further along in the month. I have got The Chelsea Flower Show to look forward to on 25th!x

  4. Moving is such hard work - hope it goes well, and you are not too stressed from it. Well done on getting back into the running again - very inspiring!

  5. Wonderful post. I don't envy your moving at all, but thye best part is getting everything out again & rediscovering old treasures! I hope it's not too stressful for you. Take care.


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