Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Plan - March

This post is somewhat late but I thought it was worth sticking to my targets no matter how late in the month, and the ladies over at the Groovy Mum's at Kate on Thin Ice have inspired me, yet again.

Firstly the round up on February goals.  Well, progress didn't really change much from the last update.  So closing the chapter on that month I am marching on, well March.

Straight on with it then what are my goals for the month that introduces the beauty of Spring into our lives :


- Do house filing once a month and keep on top of it all - Yes this is a roll over from February because I just soooo didn't do it.  However, the reason for 'I am going to have to do this in March' will become clear

- Child - proof new garden for the kids to use in spring - I wish it could be this easy and here comes the big one.  Having moved to a period property at the beginning of December, we were told we would either love it or hate it.  This is not true, for I both love it and hate it. 

I love the space it gives us and the obvious amazing character the house has.  I loved how it lent itself to the Christmas season so beautifully.  However, I am so sad that it hasn't been maintained as a house this old needs (and deserves).  The longer we live here the more issues we see (and detect) and of course, because we are only renting it is not our place (or cost as they are not 'a lick of paint' fixable) to try and remedy them. 

The crunch point however was when we went out to assess the garden...All I can say is if we open that can of worms I fear we would never find our way out (probably why no other tenant, or even the landlord has ever attempted it and why it has got to the stage it has now).  What is frustrating is on the surface it all looks ok, but being a parent and needing to do a safety assessment for the kids before they yell 'Charrrrrrggggeeeeee' we had to heartbreakingly come to the conclusion that we would not be able to let the children out.

Add this to all the other 'little' downsides (the longer journey to J1's school and my parents being the other main one, I didn't think it would make the difference it has), we have had to take the decision to move somewhere more suitable.  Luckily we have amazing agent, who has not only smoothed an early move option out with our current landlord but is gung-ho on getting our little family into a home (suitable for J1) and into a garden (suitable for J2) before the summer.

So, my main task for this month (and the coming months one would assume...) is going to be packing up our home again (cue shuddering at the sound of the brown tape already).  With that in mind, I don't think it will be that feasible to add any further items to the list for this month (I will continue with past months sucesses e.g J1's extra physio, taking J2 swimming, baking with the boys).

I do have just one extra though, that what with the hunt for a new home and the potential packing bonaza, I think I will be most entitled too this month...

- Treat self to a spa afternoon!


  1. Oh no what a hassle. I hope its not too stressful for you! I really dont like moving. Sounds like you have really weighed up the pros and cons, and come to the right decision. So much more to consider with children involved.

  2. I get the mixed feelings on the house front. I need to do filing regularly too. I imagine most mums do.
    Thanks for linking up - great to hear how you are getting on and really value your input.
    We have a Twitter party from 1pm-2pm next Tuesday to celebrate Groovy Mums turning 6 months old weirdly in Mother's Day week too

  3. Urgh, moving house, I've done so much of that! Hope the next place is exactly what you are looking for on all fronts. Love the idea of a spa afternoon! I'm planning one myself and I'm going to go on my own so I can finally get a bit of peace. Hope you enjoy yours. Polly x

  4. I don't envy you moving house, although your full-of-character house sounds like our Victorian house. We've got more deferred maintenance than Brighton Pier... well nearly.
    We reached the same decision you have and we hope to move at the end of the year to something more practical. Good luck.

  5. Oh no! You're packing up again! I hope you find somewhere with all the positives of your current house and none of the negatives. Good luck with the search. And the filing!


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