Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Disability Diaries (The Life of J1) : Happy 8th Birthday to J1 (well almost)

A house full of equipment
Medicines locked away
I never dreamed of this for him
On his Birth Day

A perfect baby
Is what you dream
But after you leave hospital
Things aren't what they seem

It's Cerebral Palsy they tell you
Well, what's that you ask
It means he has brain damage
Your tears you try and mask

You can't change what happens in life
The challenges your lot will get
But no matter how hard you try
You still feel pain and regret

Regret you didn't speak up more
Ask more questions why
When the birth wasn't going perfectly
When things were going awry

Guilt that you worked too hard
That you should have put your feet up more
That you should have taken more notice 
When your tummy felt a little sore?

But all the why's and where's and who's
Doesn't give you the reason
You are told so many different things
People should be tried for treason

You just have to learn to accept
Life for your child will be hard
And you will have days you cry and cry
Because he'll never run around the school yard

But slowly the amazing resiliance of your baby
Starts to shine through
And you start to notice
All the things he CAN do

For he has already achieved
More than they ever said he would
And you stop looking at the 'Can't'
And think more about the 'Could'

And you suddenly have hope
For your little star
That one day
He will go far

For my little star - who I can't believe is going to be... 8!

By Lynsey Summers


  1. This is just beautiful!! You had me in tears!!! Happy Birthday to your star!!! Thank you for your lovely comments on my site, I'm thrilled I checked into Bloggy Moms today and you found me!!!

  2. I really loved reading this poem. I actually work with individuals living with disabilities and for sure things may be a little harder for them, but they can achieve great things! When it is hard, like the poem says, keep focusing on the "CANS" and I am sure your little one will grow up to be a great success! New Follower :) hope you stop by my blog at


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