Friday, 4 November 2011

Dear Boys - Letter of Life 2 (Family Friday)

Dear Boys

October / November 2011

These last few weeks have been very hectic and your normal, calm, perfect (I know, I joke) routine has been knocked out of kilter quite dramatically.

It all started when we were excitedly watching Aunty Marina on TV - Yes!  TV.  Aunty Marina was on best form when she was trying to win money for a fabulous charity called Bullies Out (and let's hope and pray that by the time you are grown up and reading this you will never have had to use them) on a game show called Holding Out For a Hero.  J1, my dear sweet boy, this made you happier than if Father Christmas had appeared himself at our door and we have watched it every day since it has been on!

However it was at this very moment that poor Daddy was very unwell and we had to take him to hospital.  Daddy had gone and got himself a strangulated hernia and had to have an operation on his belly and a stay in hospital.  This meant, J2, that you had to have frequent visits to Nanny and Granddad's (yes Nanny is much stricter than Mummy) which in turn made you extremely clingy (but still very cute) and J1, you got to stay at Nanny and Granddad's like a holiday visit, and you loved it.

Another exciting thing for your boys to have happened over the last few weeks is that we had our very first Halloween Party.  J1, you were 'Chair Charging Dracula' a great idea for you as the cape went right over your whole wheelchair and did not make you too hot (my little sweaty betty) and J2, I told everyone you were going as a little devil, for which I did have a costume, but then I found an even better one and we surprised everyone at the last minute...

Yes dear baby boy, to my unashamed pleasure I got photographs of you in this for the sole purpose that they will be gracing your 18th birthday board in 2028!

J1, what I am learning about you mostly at the moment is that you have so much character and are really quite cheeky, but all in a fabulously good way.  Your ability to drop a one liner and have us in stitches is becoming a common occurrence and for this my heart swells with pride, it is not something I thought would ever happen, let alone at age 7.  You amaze me everyday.  What I would really like you to try and learn for mummy now is to blow your nose into a hanky and not your hand as it really is gross.

J2, your development has me in wonderment, as every milestone you reach on 'normal' time is a great sense of relief and again achievement.  Your little mind is working overtime at the moment, and you are trying (and mostly succeeding) in saying new words everyday.  Your most used one at the moment (as it has just been Halloween) is 'Pooky' [spooky].  You are learning Twinkle Twinkle Little Star at nursery which is lovely, especially when you wake me up singing it in the morning and kissing my eyelids.  I am just not so keen on when my eyes don't immediately open you try and stick your fingers in them and force them apart, we need to work on that...

With J1's 8th birthday approaching fast (Sunday) we have lots of fun activities and eating to look forward too and then it will be full steam ahead for Christmas, which as you are both getting older is just getting better and better.

Until the next time my dear boys.

I <3 you.

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  1. Aww singing twinkle twinkle, so cute I love little ones singing to themselves while they play hehe . . Your little pumpkin is so cool !


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