Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A Box of My Life - The 10 Year Prediction

Following on from yesterdays blog 'A Box of My Life (Up to 2011)' some people have suggested that I should try and predict or think about what I would like the additional five items to be put in 'My Life Box' in 10 years time.

So here goes, this would be my wish list :

1. A photograph of both my boys in their school uniform together, happy and smiling and proud
2. A photograph of J1 at his 18th birthday party holding his own beer!
3. A laptop, on which I have written fiction novels
4. A copy of my first published book
5. A photograph of Hubby and I on our 10th Wedding Anniversary and our cards to each other

All kept in a ... bigger Tiffany box of course...

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