Friday, 26 August 2011

The Week of Appreciation

Over the last few days, via the wonder that is technology I have seen several of my friends announce pure, heartfelt, unconstrained, real statements of appreciation for those in their lives. 

One friend likened her life to a fantastic dream where she was in love with the most amazing person in the world, but when she woke up, she realised that the dream was real and the amazing thing she had was true.

Another friend announced unadulterated awe at the wonder of her daughter and stated that not only was she blessed with a beautiful child but she was also blessed to have the most wonderful parents herself.

Another kindly sent a text this morning to say thank you for supporting them through a particularly tough year, which was very touching.

Having been touched by being on the receiving end of appreciation today and being moved by the statements of others this last week I think that this seems to be the week for appreciation.  So I have some appreciating to do of my own.

I say thank you to my own family and friends for always being around, to help, laugh, chat, rant and share.  To my children who's daily trials and tribulations make life worth living.  To my husband who provides love, support and laughter with a vigour I have never met in any other and makes it possible for me to be at home with the children watching them grow up by the second.  To my immediate family who are funny, supportive and very rarely crazy!

And to my friends, who thanks to unnamed networking sites and the power of the text message I can keep in touch with and who provide me with inspiration, humour, friendship and plenty of blogging (and hopefully eventually storylines) fodder!

Without all of you life wouldn't be the amazing thing that it is.  

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  1. Love this my dear friend x just like I love you x we have over a quarter of a centry of friendship whether it be we always hear from each other and we have countless amount of childhood memories both happy and sad x I thank you and your family for being there with love kindness abd support xx you family become my second family x I love you guys xx


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