Saturday, 20 August 2011

Just for the Record

I wanted to pen this blog early on, because as I have started to note down some topic ideas in my journal over the last few days, I realised that my sense of humour (which i hope may reveal itself during these blogs) may be seen as 'complaining'. 

So, in line with the title of this blog : just for the record I am never complaining about my life or the choices I have made.  I might not appreciate Cherub No.2 tipping the whole watering-can over himself when he is in his best white shirt ready to go out (yes, that was today's reason for the third change of clothing before mid-day) and write a sarky comment about it that I feel is amusing, but that is not a complaint.  I dutifully congratulated him on his reaching abilities and strength to hold the 6 litre vessel, and changed him.  That is what I do.  I am mum.

But sometimes I may feel like writing about what other things I would like to do, or aspire to do that I don't currently get to do, because I am being mum.  So in those cases just for the record I am never complaining.  Sometimes I may just be dreaming or planning ahead five years when both little Cherub's will be at school and I might finally get the chance to pee in private.  And yes some days I just want to get a big whiteboard and count down those days.  Others I want to cry because they are coming to fast. 

Being mum to the two children that I have been blessed with (please note : I am not religious but do feel very blessed, lucky and appreciative of being given the opportunity to have carried two babies and have them both with me now, considering my first was 8 weeks early and has suffered some problems due to that) can be very challenging. But I believe the more challenging they make it the more alive I feel and the more magical all those other sweet, funny, unbelievable and unique moments become. 

On a rare moment of getting the chance to watch TV I once heard someone make the statement that 'you only get your kids for 16 years, then they can be out of your life if they choose'.  16 years is not a long time in the scheme of life.  So although from time to time a rant might make its way out of one of these blogs if there has been a particularly long day of crying, demanding and not a second to step out of 'being mum' - which some days can be like that and are d.r.a.i.n.i.n.g for any human-being just for the record I am not complaining.  Because even at the end of those days, when the kitchen is closed, the washing up done, the packed lunch for school the next day made and although you are ready to collapse into bed - you look at those little sleeping faces and melt.  Then the next day is all brand new.  Tantrums of days past are forgotten.  Time out's, naughty step sessions (haha yeah right, does your child actually sit on the step?) and 'No more treats for you today young man' are wiped clean and most of the time they get up like different children (thank god!).

So just to reiterate, even on the worst days of parenthood that I might mention as being not very nice to endure; I am not complaining.  I am merely sharing the fact that me and mine have those days and I am aiming to give hope (and a laugh) to anyone that reads it and thinks, thank god it isn't just me!

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