Saturday, 16 February 2013

What Has Made Me Cheerful This Week?

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

This post is a little late this week but as usual things have been full on, as they are within any household with children!  This weeks Reasons to be Cheerful is being hosted by Clare at Seasider in the City whilst Michelle at Mummy from the Heart takes a break from blogging for lent.  If you want inspiring posts to uplift your mood, hop over there.
In the midst of a chilly and rather grey February is that day that people either love or hate; Valentines.  I must admit, it generally isn't something that bothers me and the Hubby and we do not go all out to do something 'special'.  We decided that as we have 'The Holiday' fast approaching we would not change that this year.
However, my parents offered to babysit Valentines evening for us as a surprise, so we had an off the cuff evening together with a gorgeous meal at our friends restaurant.  With good food and even better company it was nice to spend a few hours sans-children.
Half Term
The first one of 2013 has arrived and J1 has a few extra days this time.  The school he attends is undergoing a huge building project, and it is J1's classes turn to move to the new section.  So in order for them to pack up and re-locate J1 is getting three additional days off, which is lovely.  We are intending on taking a trip to the Zoo with our Gold Passes as long as the weather continues to be reasonably mild, which both boys love.  And it should be much easier now we have the power-pack to assist with the hills.
Exciting developments are continuing with the various 'work' projects I am pursuing at the moment.  They are giving me a real fire in my belly for making a new career - something I wasn't sure I would know how to do if I am honest.  This all helps with confidence building.
My brother and his wife have decided to get their boys Christened.  We are looking forward to a lovely family gathering in April for it.  The Hubby has always been for getting our boys Christened, but I have never pursued it.  However, the news from my brother really delighted my mum.  It turns out she is all for it and I never realised.  So we have decided to also get our children Christened later in the year.  I want to spend some time really learning about it and understanding it first.
I had a fantastic response to my call for guest bloggers for the week leading up to Mothers Day and I am looking forward to putting together an uplifting week of Appreciating Motherhood, in all its guises.
So a busy week and to wondering what the next one will bring.


  1. Great that you had such a positive response to your guest post series - looking forward to it! :o).

    1. Really are some great pieces coming through :-)

  2. What lovely reasons! Last minute evenings out are always best I find. Thanks for linking up, sorry I am so late getting here!


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