Thursday, 15 November 2012

#OneWeek - Autumn 12 - New York New York

This is a photograph of me and two of my best friends from 2008.  This is my New York Posse.  The Gals.  My City Colluders.

The lovely lady (ML) in the middle lives in the UK.  We met at work and became firm friends over ten years ago.  She introduced me to the amazing city of New York, which I fell in love with as soon as I arrived, and also to the beautiful lady on the right of the photograph (DC).  ML and DC had been school friends in London but DC moved to New York with her family a few years previously.

DC was a character like no other I had met before, very much like New York, vibrant, loud and ambitious.  We became firm friends and ML and I visited her in New York on a yearly basis after 2008.

I have been to the great city in August (a bit smelly), September (full of sadness due to the atrocities of 9/11), December (Christmas - magical but shame about the company I had on that trip - needless to say it wasn't ML) and twice in November.

It is the November trips that I think we have all enjoyed the most.  I do not know why they were just fabulous.  New York is stunning in the 'fall' - Central Park is adorned with enormous trees glowing russet, amber and red making it feel warm and inviting.  The atmosphere on the street and in the shops was more friendly as the anticipated annual holiday of Thanksgiving came ever closer.

One year we just missed Thanksgiving and ML and I both noted on the flight home that we regretted it, having been there for the build up.  We agreed that our next trip would incorporate it, and it did.  It was wonderful.  The whole city closed early.  We excitedly made our way to Grand Central Station with thousands of others all hurrying home to their friends and family to enjoy a day of celebration.

November for me, always makes me think of those two visits to New York.  Of waking up in DC's apartment and seeing the Chrysler Building peeping through the window as I sipped my strong American coffee.  Of lining up our days worth of shopping bags and assessing whether we would fit it all in our case home.  Of longing for the Pink Stemmed Martini glasses (in the photo) and moving hell and high water not to break them on the journey home (or in various house moves come to think of it...) Of going to City Crab and having spicy shrimp and cocktails.  Of not being able to find 5th Avenue on my own, but finding the small liquor store that DC had given me directions to and purchasing the specific bottle of wine I was sent on the mission for.  Of the mouth-watering Angel Pasta from the cute little Italian minutes away from our home for the week.

Since J2 has been born I haven't been to New York (I was pregnant with him on my last visit).  Time has flown by, the economic climate has taken a serious nose dive and it is just harder for me to be away from the children and The Hubby as I have got older.  Time as a family is limited due to the type of job The Hubby does and so shaving that time down again to do individual activities is harder.

So I recall all of those happy memories I did get to make with two wonderful friends and cherish them.  Particularly at this time of year.

I am linking up with the #oneweek blog hop with Older Mum in a Muddle.  Check out other Autumn inspired posts here.


  1. What a great read on so many levels ... You all sound like a group of fab friends and how great to have those kinds of adventures together in New York. I've never been to the Big Apple, and I've always wanted to go - I'll bet the Italian food is good! I hope you are able to fly back there again on year and have a reunion with your friends. Thank you for linking up! X.

  2. Lovely post. I love New York, and I'd love to have experienced it 'Sex in the City' style with some girlfriends. I've been in the fall too and it was lovely. x


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