Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Hopes and Aims - Third Quarter Review


September.  Already.

This means that we are three quarters of the way through the year.  Scary.

It also means it is time that I review and evaluate my 'Hopes and Aims for 2012' - as originated in January as part of the Groovy Mums initiative with the fabulous Kate on Thin Ice.

Deep breath - here goes with updates on the outstanding items since the last quarterly review :
- Continue to encourage J1 to try new activities and adventures to help with his fine and gross motor skills and his speech
We are hoping that J1 will continue to develop his speech and sense of humour with his class at school during this new academic year.  He has already come home and told me a knock knock joke this week so I am hopeful!  We are also encouraging him to go to after school club again (although it didn't take much encouragement - thankfully he was raring to go) and to join in with the schools Boccia programme.  He loves Ten Pin Bowling so think he will really enjoy this.  If he takes to it a Boccia kit might be a good idea to notify Father Christmas with.

- Be more vigilant with J1's home physiotherapy, even though he complains
J1 seems to be having increased tension in his right leg which is a very bad sign, so this has been an absolute must.  We are also ensuring that we are getting clear and positive updates that he is receiving daily physiotherapy, in some form or another, at school.  We have also taken steps to be put into the Government 'Direct Payments' scheme (this isn't payment in finance.  It is 'hours' that you can acquire and use on things best for your child - ultimately it means you have much more control over the professional help you think your child needs as you 'spend' the hours in the right place.)  However, it is a long process of which we are only at the very beginning.
- Potty train J2
This has started and is going quite well.  We are using 'big boy' pants throughout the day and have been doing so for about a week.  Overall we are doing very well, including a whole 'dry' day at Nursery.  It has been handy that the weather has been warm enough to get washing out to dry on the line so any accidents have been easily sorted.  I am a very proud Mummy.

- Start weekly swim sessions with J2 again
This got postponed over the Summer Holidays due to the sheer volume of holiday makers using our local facilities.  This is one of the hazards of living in a seaside town.  However, now school has resumed and the term time schedule is back in place swimming will once again feature in our week.  The good thing is that J2 has been asking to go, so he must really enjoy it.
- Start saving for a big family holiday
I am pleased, excited and elated to report that not only did we start saving for our big family holiday - we have booked it!  It has taken much researching, phone calls and information seeking with regards to accommodating J1's needs, but we took the plunge and went for it.  Next year we will be meeting Mickey and Minne in Florida.  Much list making and planning to commence over the next few months.

- Child - proof new garden for the kids to use in spring
I am exceptionally pleased with the progress made on the garden in our new home over the summer.  I have written specific updates previously regarding this and am planning a new one (with photographs of course) soon - watch this space.
- Read at least 1 book a month
My aim was 12 books in 12 months and so far I am on track.  My current read is Jodi Picoult 'House Rules' which is very good.  I am thinking of doing a round up review at the end of the year on the 12 books I have read over the year.
- Try and run twice a week, establish some safe routes

This aim has manifested itself into a real hobby once again and I am still thoroughly enjoying it.  I am now back out running after a month of being forced to stop due to damaging my Patella Tendon.  I have got a 10K race on Sunday in a very pretty country village and was thrilled to smash my PB for 5K during my last Summer Series race in August.  I have also just had notification that entries are open for our local Half Marathon in March so will be signing up for that.  In the meantime the 'big race' I am preparing for is the BUPA Great South Run in October.
- Treat self to a spa afternoon once every 3 months
This has categorically not been happening.  However I have got a date for a fortnights time pencilled in with a friend so fingers crossed a couple of hours relaxing is on the horizon.
- Plan one weekend away a year, just Hubby and Me
This is happening, in conjunction with the BUPA Great South Run.  My parents have offered babysitting services so that The Hubby and I can travel to Portsmouth on Saturday morning and return on Monday.  Let's hope this fine weather continues until then.
- Try and be more positive on believing in what I can achieve
The Olympics and Paralympics legacies have brought this to light and made me think about it alot of late.  The running certainly helps with this too.  When I think to how I started, to how I have progressed lots more seems possible.  I believe this is also showing in the fact that I have started to not only write but publish some fictional writing.  I keep remembering that time ticks away and you never get that back so make the most of it, with whatever set of circumstances you have facing you.
In general I am just trying to be more proactive.  I have taken steps with regard to several things for J1, for example arranging demonstrations and getting quotes in for a specialist bike (demo was brilliant) and mobile hoist (a necessity).  I have to acknowledge that he is going to need more specialist items as he grows, as hard as that (still) is to accept.  He needs them and I am the one that has to ensure he has everything possible to make his life as easy, full and social as it can be.

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  1. You've made some great in roads there, and I'm really chuffed for you that you are all going to go to Florida next year - how exciting for the boys! Glad to hear you're back on track with the running, and that you are overall feeling inspired and ready to take on the world. BTW have you read the Ruby Wax biography yet? I read it over my holiday - its very powerful! X.


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