Saturday, 29 September 2012

Puppy Power

If, at the beginning of the week, someone had said to me 'By the end of this week you will be a dog owner' - I would have asked what sort of medication they should have taken that they had clearly forgotten.

Dogs, have never held a huge fascination for me.  I went through a stage when I was about 18, and working in an office that happened to be situated on a Game Farm that had lots of working dogs, whereby I thought I wanted one.  The labradors had puppies and I was offered one of the adorable little bundles.  However, still living at home at the time, the ultimate decision laid with my parents and it was a resounding 'No' that came from that corner.

I sulked for a day and moved on.  Probably about the same amount of time as when I wanted a pony when I was about eight.  I wrote my parents a letter saying  we should go to a rescue sanctury.  We could get one, turn our shed into a stable and let her graze in our back yard.

You can gather my fads for pets / animals were generally short lived and I would say that honestly, pets have never particularly bothered me.  I understand that other people love to have them, but as far as I was concerned 'pets' equalled 'bind'.  Anytime you want to go away for a weekend or on holiday you have to coax someone into dealing with them or fork out for a kennel stay.  If you are out, you are clock watching to get back and make sure your little 'dog / doggette' isn't going cross eyed and cross legged.  Vets bills - always to be avoided if you ask me.

When I met my Husband he left me in no uncertain terms that he wanted a dog at some point in the near future.  When I realised that there was less than zero chance of him fulfilling some of my 'wants '(the things that all women want - putting the toilet seat down, putting the rubbish / recycling out, taking his turn with the ironing) I informed him there was about as much chance of him actually getting a dog into our home.

This was the state of play up to two days ago.  What happened two days ago?  Some cheeky sod attempted to break into our house.  Broad daylight on a cold Wednesday morning.  By some stroke of luck, my husband was home and myself and the children were out (school / nursery / spa) - this is quite rare - but he disturbed the scum-bo that thought about helping himself to our things and he legged it off up the road.

With renewed emphasise on ensuring all windows and doors are fully locked at all times, we promptedly booked an appointment with an intruder alarm company.  Many concerned friends said that we should get a dog.  A dog barking would also 'help' put off a would-be thief.  A dog barking would also put me off of my aim of one day having a Zen like nature I replied.  But the reply now had a little tremor in it.

My answer was still no.

But, now there was a chink in my armour.

And my Husband saw it.

Fast forward 24 hours and he 'suddenly' has someone that needs to give a puppy a new home.  Smooth. 

"It's a little girl, you could have a pink collar and lead"

"Can I call her Tinkerbell?"


"Can I call her Tink?"

"No - I like Belle?"


Thus is the story of how a little eight week old ball of fluff called 'Belle (Diva) Summers' entered our lives.  I didn't realise it would be possible to become attached to something in 24 hours.  Especially something called a 'Shih Tzu' (when J1 says it - yes it is hilarious) . But we have.  Despite her persistent 'toodling' on the floor (I am constantly cleaning up after J2 at the moment anyway so it hasn't actually made too much difference, but that is a whole other blog post) I am smitten.
So the point of this post?  Well to announce the new addition of baby girl Belle to the family.  And, to give hope.  Hope you ask?  Well if I could change my mind about this, I now hold out hope that The Hubby will one day put the toilet seat down, take out the rubbish / recycling and take turns with the ironing.  See - 'Hope' - for all stubborn wives out there.
(Where is the photograph you ask?  Well I have taken many and not one has been good enough to publish yet - she moves more than J2 when the sonographer was trying to get his second scan picture.  When I get one I will update this post with it.)

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  1. Congratulations on the new addition to the family - I saw some pictures on face book - how cute is Belle? A fluffy thing with paws. She will be lovely for the boys! But horrible though that someone tried to break in, in broad day light, I would freak if I found myself in that situation. Toilet seat down - putting the bins out - I wish! Ps. loved the fact you sulked for one day and then you were over it!. X.


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