Friday, 6 July 2012

Favourite Posts of the Last 12 Months - No.1

So, what was my Number One pick?

The One Where It All Started Of Course...

From August 18 2011 - my first ever blog post :

A Blog Is Born :

I had coffee - yes an actual sit down with hot liquid for half an hour - l.u.x.u.r.y - with a friend that I haven't seen for a while a few weeks ago.  In the midst of catching up she told me that although we hadn't been in touch for some time had been watching me from afar. What she said next made me waste - a rather overpriced I must say - mouthful of caffeine, when I spat it out in shock mixed with laughing.
She said that she didn't know how I did it.

"Do what?" I asked a little perplexed.

She replied "Make it look so effortless.  You're always upbeat and energetic.  Out and about with the children.  Been here and there.  Done this and that.  You keep your weight down, look well turned out - it's actually really annoying."  I sat taken aback for sometime.  Thinking about what she said, and cleaning up the coffee, I decided to shattered the clear illusion she had of my life.

I explained that the day starts at about 5am when my eldest little cherub decides that it is time to be wide awake.  After the first round of changing and Peppa Pig I make very strong filter coffee to kick start the day.  Then I try and get any tidying up done before Cherub No. 2 opens his eyes and starts his wake of destruction (I am hoping it is an 18 month old thing).

Next, breakfast (or any snack / drink / meal) is made with a screaming toddler attached to my leg.  You learn to persevere and get it done anyway. I then have about 10 minutes of 'quiet' whilst the aforementioned snack / drink / meal is devoured.  Then it's time for 'Entertainment Committee' i.e. 'me' to be back on call again. If I attempt to wash up, again, it is done with ones screaming toddler attached to my leg.

A day when we get out is a luxury.  Otherwise it consists of 18 hours of chasing around after a very energetic and stubborn toddler.  Whilst, trying to clear up - which to be honest in the school holidays is like trying to put out a forest fire with a water pistol - and answering the same question (question of the week we like to call it) repeatedly with my eldest.

Now personal appearance.  Well, I have had 18 months to perfect the '30 seconds allowed to wash and dress' rule.  Once you master it, it's pretty simple. Staple items such as jeans, vests and flip flops you can't go wrong with.  I have long hair.  Every single day gets scraped up into a messy knot - no time for brushing it, let along washing it.  Luckily this seems to be passing for 'trendy' this season. 

As for the weight, my buttocks don't grace a seat from 5am - 8pm so that has probably got that issue sorted out.

"Well," she said chuckling "You're a bit like a duck aren't you.  Gliding along, breeze gently ruffling your feathers to the outside world, but underneath you are busy paddling like a crazy person."   I told her she should see the sweating mess that passes for me after chasing the youngest around my house trying to dress him in the mornings.

After we laughed and I left for my apparent perfect existence that never was, I thought that I might try and start documenting life as I know it.  The children when they are older will have a 'novel of childhood' to remember and perhaps see it from my eyes, which you can never do until you have children of your own.

And so - Lynsey The Mother Duck - was born.


  1. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. I love it! What a great first post .... and the story of why you are called the mother duck! Fab! X

  2. I remember reading this right at the start, and I still like this post as much now as I did then. Hard to believe that nearly a year has passed. Great post. x


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