Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Favourite Posts of the Last 12 Months : No.4

From November 2011 Archives

Wow - I Forgot We Took These!

Having just located the hard drive (thingy) that holds all of our photos I have been happily grazing through lots of pictures that I forgot we had. In 2009 Hubby and I took a Winter trip to Egypt for some winter sun and we booked ourselves onto a 'Star Gazing' excursion in the Sinai Desert. After being disappointed with the first half of the trip the Star Gazing certainly made up for it, but I forgot we got these awesome photographs of the moon through a very powerful telescope they had set up. These are some of my favourite photos ever taken.


  1. Wow that is truly amazing that you were able to snap such incredible photos of the moon!!
    I'm a new gfc follower :)

  2. Those photographs are incredible - what amazing keep sakes!

  3. Oh my! Tim (my husband) has recently developed a real interest in astronomy. His only woe right now is that he has a telescope but can't use it much because of his shift work and cloudy nights!! He even asked for a planisphere watch for Father's Day (took me forever to find one). So he is going to love these photos when I show him. They are amazing, no wonder they are some of your favourites!

  4. Wow, such detail! Amazing that you could take such pictures; the surface of the moon is so clear. Polly


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