Wednesday, 6 June 2012

What Has Made Me Cheerful This Week?

This post is a little later than normal as it has been quite a busy week.  As usual with The Great British weather, I learnt from the reports our run of sunshine was to be short lived, so I decided I had to make the most of it and get outside to have fun with the kids, garden and exercise, thus the blog took a bit of a back seat.

Then of course, the chilly days and rain set in and in amongst trying to get the house a little straighter I have managed to start putting together a few posts to get out this week.  So no better time, with the grey skies putting a bit of a dampener on the (extra) long Diamond Jubilee weekend, to think happy thoughts and sum up 'What Has Made Me Cheerful This Week?'

* We got the business accounts done for this quarter, always a weight off of the shoulders and a reminder that we shouldn't leave so much to the last minute.

* What better reason to be cheerful than the fact we had, not only a long weekend, but an 'extra' long weekend with the wonderful, and unique celebration of the Queens Diamond Jubilee.  I was thinking about this earlier, this really was a once in a lifetime celebration.  We had bunting.  We had flags.  We had a 'Very Royal High Tea', including using all our super special Royal Albert China (this is rare because I can't put it in the dish washer...)

* The blog hit another new month view record.  I am so happy that the blog is slowly but surely growing.  Not only that but I am getting more pleasure and satisfaction from writing the longer and more frequently that I am doing it, rather than growing tired of it.

* It is half term - always a reason to smile.  Extra time with J1 to be had with lots of fun planned, including a session in the sensory room that J1 loved on his birthday.

* The Hubby and I had a 'surprise' night to ourselves this week.  It was amazing, we laughed, talked, ate, played pool and really reconnected.  Something we had both said earlier in the week we felt had been a little lacking of late.  We won't leave 'us' time so long next time.

* I have managed to fit some form of exercise in almost everyday for the last week and it has felt amazing.  Mixing runs with non impact exercise, like swimming and cycling has really made me inspired to keep this going and I am now seriously giving the Marathon in 2013 consideration. 

On that high note I urge you to be inspired by others positive thoughts over at Mummy from the Heart :

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  1. Sounds a fab week. I love the look of your Jubilee tea - and the china. There is something that makes it even more of a sense of occasion when you get the 'best' china out. x

  2. What a lovely week - love the china and that cake looked very yummy indeed. Your night out with your DH sounded really nice - always positive to reconnect.

  3. Exercise almost every day, that's what I should do too! Glad it made you feel brilliant. I love the set table too, and the cake does indeed look yummy! Great week for you. Polly


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