Friday, 4 May 2012

What Has Made Me Cheerful This Week?

So this week, could have potentially been a bad one.  Continuing grey, dreary and wet weather.  PMT lurking behind a dark door waiting to pounce.  A rather large abscess popping up on my gum resulting in an unwanted trip to the Dentist.  Yes this week could have got the better of me...

...had I not had the most amazing events happening, which trumped all those rubbish parts!  So, in an extremely busy, hectic and somewhat tiring week (hence the lack of blog posts) here are my Reasons to be Cheerful.

* First and foremost, the most amazing thing.  This week The Hubby's formal adoption of J1 took place.  We have been very lucky with our adoption process in that it was very straightforward.  It only took a few months from start to finish.  The Court appointment and Celebration Hearing took place this week and now everything is official.  Although The Hubby has always been J1's Dad, and it doesn't change anything on a day to day basis, it does make everything straightforward legally should anything happen to me.  We can also change J1's surname to the same as the rest of the family.  A happy and memorable occasion for the whole clan.

* Secondly, we finally moved!  Despite heavy rain and flooded roads we managed to transfer - what we now acknowledge - too much stuff from one abode to another.  We thought we would be pleased with the move to this house, and we were right; it feels like home already.  The mammoth unpack is currently commencing.

* I turned 33 and I think an exciting year lies ahead.  Although it was moving day and so the concept of relaxing on your birthday was not achieved, I did receive some lovely cards and gifts.  We also had a very calorific takeaway.

* With all that has been going on this week I have not been able to run.  This has not made me cheerful.  So why is it on here?  The fact that I have been unhappy that I have not been able to get out to pound the pavements is brilliant!  A very good sign that I seriously want to do it.

* J1 got 'Star of the Day' at school this week for extra effort and hard work in all activities.  No explanation needed there.

* One of my best friends had the privilege of meeting and interviewing Joanna Lumley this week.  This in itself was exciting enough.  I have a huge admiration of JL; I love her acting work; I am in awe of her tireless efforts for Charity and her Girl Friday book is my inspiration when I need it.  So when an email came through, from my friend, with a photo attached of a personal message written to me from JL herself, I was ecstatic.  Now that is going in the 'kids can not touch' cabinet.

* J2 went to nursery without any fuss for the second week in a row.  When he first started nursery he would go running in and not give me a backwards glance.  Since he had mumps a few months ago he decided to do a complete u-turn and cling to me for dear life everytime we stepped foot inside the gates.  Fingers crossed we are now on to another new (non-clinging) phase.

Well, I think that is quite enough cheerfulness from one person for one week, for other cheery souls visit #R2BC at


  1. Congratulations on the adoption and your new home, and happy birthday! Well done to J1 & J2 on doing well at school and settling in at nursery x

  2. What a brilliant week. Wonderful news about the adoption and glad to hear the move went well. The JL photo feels like the icing on the cake!

  3. That sounds like a fabulous week! Congratulations on J1's adoption - how wonderful. Glad you survived the move too and the new abode feels like home. x

  4. A very cheerful week all round then! Great news about the adoption, that just puts the icing on the cake. Polly x

  5. What a fantasticaly positive post, well done and happy belated birthday. Mich x


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