Thursday, 10 May 2012

Once Upon A Time (link up with Older Mum in a Muddle)

One of my favourite bloggers, Older Mum in a Muddle has started a fabulous link up, called 'Once Upon A Time' encouraging everyone to write a post about something they used to do, have or similar.  Older Mum in a Muddle used to be a DJ, a very cool one at that and I was fascinated to learn that little something different about another fellow SAHM.

So I have been inspired to think about me : Once Upon A Time...

Once Upon A Time 

Once Upon a Time, I used to have the most fabulous selection of shoes and bags.  If I had a pair of shoes (heels, of course) you could guarantee that I would have a matching bag in colour or fabric or most likely, both.  All were carefully and painstakingly chosen and purchased with an outfit in mind, but more than that; a statement of intent.

My shoes and bags would be my tool in visualising how I felt or wanted to feel on any one day, hence the need for such a variety in style and colour.  From when I was young and sneakily used to watch Working Girl, I wanted to be that stylish, strong, bold, empowered 'Career Girl'.  I wanted a job where I could wear sharp suits (sans shoulder pads...), pencil skirts and shirts with a nipped in belted waist and killers heels.

When I started working in 'The City' it was a pre-requisite in my job that I had to be well groomed and turned out.  This was great on days I felt like it and had the energy to make all of that effort.  However, on days I did not feel like getting up at 5.30am to spend an hour and half making myself up (usually coinciding with a hangover) the novelty wore off.

However, once the outfit was chosen it was always the shoes and bag that would make me feel better.  They could completely dress something up or down, depending on my mood and what I wanted to 'say' for the day.  

Since children came along, the time to care about this has since become a distant memory.  The only thing that matters now is that I have 'a' pair of shoes on my feet when I leave the house.  Although I do not crave to spend 8 hours in heels anymore, I do miss that attention to detail of such things that used to help me identify myself for the day.  I fear I have now become the stereo-typical wife and mother.  I fear my clothes now say 'J1 / J2 had this for breakfast / lunch / snack' today rather than being an extended statement of me.

I am all for comfort and suitability to my job (i.e. slave to a toddler and school run mum) but I wonder if I have become complacent to my own needs a little too much.  I have always taken pride in my appearance and would like to do so again.  So although I won't be needing my suits and shirts for my day time routine any time soon, I will be adjusting ones wardrobe to smart-casual instead of just casual. Every now and then, on a child-free 'special' day out, those fabulous shoes and bags may just make a long awaited appearance once again.


  1. So true. I've got a wardrobe full of shoes I never wear. It's such a waste. I need to find the time to get them all out and try them on, decide what they go with etc. The great thing about shoes and handbags is they don't date as much as clothes either.

    I do try to make the effort to look semi presentable in the day, but recently I've taken to slobbing around in the evenings in a pair of grey yoga trousers and a grey jumper of my husbands. The other day I looked at myself and thought 'shame on you' you're turning into one of those people that you used to watch on Gok Wan!

    PS: I saw Working Girl on TV a little while ago. How big was Melanie Griffiths hair?!!

    1. LOL, I am sure you are not heading to Gok's TV show Mummy Plum! I think we have to remember that these 'young years' with the children, where our needs do take a backseat somewhat, do not last forever and we will get the time back eventually.x

  2. Wonderful ... you linked up again! Hooraah! That was a great post. Sounds to me like you are very stylish and express yourself well through your clothes. I wish I'd had you with me when I went shopping for tops yesterday. It went well but always nice to have a second opinion. And you are so right - a pair of shoes can really make a statement about your mood and personality. At the moment I mainly wear a pair of Uggs and trainers. Shoes are next on my list to buy!

    1. Have you been shoe shopping yet? I love shoe shopping, it is something I am very decisive instantly about. It's either Love Them or Hate Them!

  3. Very inspiring! I should make more of an effort, but jeans and t-shirt are brilliant when you are spending your day seeing to the needs of small people. I like the idea of smart casual, rather than just casual! Polly

    1. I love my slobby days, but am feeling I 'need' a few more days where I make an effort to inspire myself a bit more. It encourages me to get out and about more.x


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