Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Great Ormond Street Hospital

On BBC2, at 21:00 hours tonight a programme will air following amazing, inspiring and often heartbreaking stories of child patients and their families at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Tonights episode will follow the epic journey of Francheska and her family.  I urge you to watch this.  Francheska goes to J1's school.  For a few years they were in the same class.  Francheska has fought against all the odds, defying negative predictions as will be seen on the programme tonight.  We are blessed and thrilled that her gorgeous and beautiful, happy, smiling face is at school, brightening everyones day.

Francheska's wonderful mum, Ceri, has seen the footage and warns us that tissues will be required.  I am one hundred percent certain that they will be in this house.  We appreciate that everyday with our special children, and their complex conditions is to be marvelled at.

I often have days where I of course I think that what has been bestowed on our children, by whatever means you believe in be it God or Fate, is tragic.  But I also have days - just as often - whereby I wonder if it wasn't for the path that has been laid for J1 and us as his family, if we would ever meet such amazing and awe inspiring people?

Every child is amazing.  Every child that battles against a difficulty is courageous.  Every family that lives life to the full with a special needs or disabled or unwell child is strong.

You will find none more courageous, or strong than that of Francheska and Ceri.

Great Ormond Street - BBC2 - 9pm (29 May 2012).


  1. Lovely heart felt post .... I will do my best to watch it, ot record it at least to watch later! X

  2. Very inspiring post, but I find I can't watch these programmes, I'm just in bits about them. Even the trailers have me in tears. It's only got worse since having my little one! I wish all the children well, very courageous, every one of them, and the people who know and love them.

  3. I didn't see this, but meant to watch it. Will try to catch it on the BBC Iplayer. Sometimes the inner strength people find to cope with situations never fails to amaze me. The human spirit is so resilient. x

  4. That programme always makes me cry :)


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